Rule changes that HAVE to happen

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Rule changes that HAVE to happen

by patcarm » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:37 pm

Consider this:

1. Now that the convert kicks are not a given, penalties incurred on converts should NOT be assessed on the ensuing kick off. Push them back and do it over. Only hitch is whatever you attempt, 1 or 2 pointer, you must attempt it again after penalty is assessed. This will prevent teams from reverting to the kick after failing on the 2 pointer.

2. Offensive penalties deep in the offensive zone that are pushed "half the distance to the goal line" have to stop. If you are on offense at your own 2 yard line and you commit a hold, you are assessed a 1 yard penalty. Big deal. Instead of half the distance, move the yardsticks 10 yards further up the field to truly assess the penalty.

3. One Division until we have 10 teams. All 9 teams ranked as per their performance. 1 and 2 get byes in the first round, 3-6 duke it out and move on. To hell with East vs West Grey Cups. It might be tradition but how many eastern or western finals have been the TRUE championship game of the year over the last 20-25 years? Too many. If you won't consider this, consider a cross over game for the division finals at least.
(this is the reason why the Super Bowl is normally a bust but that's another thread)

Feel free to add your rule changes.

Y'er welcome.
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Re: Rule changes that HAVE to happen

by Paolo X » Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:25 pm

I'd be for all three of those proposals by PatCarm.

Years ago on the forum there was a whole thread with a bunch of arguments about the third proposal to eliminate divisions in the CFL aside from the difference noted below of until the CFL has 10 teams.

Due principally to the desire by TSN and its advertisers to have a broader Canadian demographic audience for the Grey Cup, I doubt that a proposal to eliminate divisions in the CFL would even be considered.
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Re: Rule changes that HAVE to happen

by CatsFaninOttawa » Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:46 pm

1. The rule right now (at least in 2013) is:
Article 1

For the purposes of this article, a convert attempt shall be deemed to commence when the Referee declares the ball in play and to conclude when the play is terminated or Team B gains possession. If a foul is committed during such convert attempt, the following shall apply:
(a) If either team commits a foul (except a Major Foul or Defensive Offside) prior to the ball being snapped or during a convert attempt, the non-offending team may elect to have the penalty applied from PLS or accept the play as it terminated,
(b) If the foul is a Major Foul or Defensive Offside, the non-offending team may elect to have the penalty applied from PLS or accept the play as it terminated and apply the penalty on the subsequent kickoff,

Basically, your proposal is already in place, from what I can see. It's only majors that are applied to the kickoff, and then only if the play stands, which happens on all scoring plays.

2. I like this one. I would tweak it to still move the ball back half way to the goal line, and then move the yard markers up to make up the difference.

3. I like the two divisions. It makes the regional rivalries more important, as they end up competing head-to-head for the divisional playoff spots.
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