NFL To LA Positive Progress

Re: NFL To LA Positive Progress

by Aerial » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:58 pm

Ok, maybe with all this "dysfunctional" talk concerning the Buffalo Bills, maybe they will be on the move? Hey, I'm just adding to all the fake news as Terry Pegula suggests with "no truth" come from the "evidence" as written in this article. Hmmm, fake news, truth, evidence etc. sounds a bit like all the Donald Trump stuff. :D :wink:

Bills owner Terry Pegula says 'no truth to this dysfunctional talk'

"There's no foundation, no truth to this dysfunctional talk. I consider it an insult to our organization and the Bills and the good people with the Sabres. They can't be real happy to hear that." ... nal-insult
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