Oldest Living Pro-Football Players (NFL)

Oldest Living Pro-Football Players (NFL)

by Lyle B. Style » Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:43 pm

Pretty good site but the list of 1000 oldest players with NFL experience is always fluid due to age of players/coaches.

I believe Bud Grant (Philadelphia 1951) is the oldest living player who played NFL and CFL (he's 88)

Its an interesting list - and some of the names might surprise you as they did me.

Wonder if there's a similar CFL list?

Wonder who the oldest players with CFL experience are?

My guess - Angela Mosca, Kenny Ploen, Paul "Coot" Robson, Russ Jackson, Pepe Latourelle, Bob O'Billovich, Moe Racine, George Fleming, Joe Zuger, Wayne Shaw, Gerry James - would be amongst the Top 50

http://www.oldestlivingprofootball.com/ ... layers.htm
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