This really has to be dealt with

Re: This really has to be dealt with

by beaglehound » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:50 pm

West wrote:I was just talking about this the other day with someone. Does it make you a bigot for only dating women who are biologically female?

Does it make a female a bigot if she prefers not to date effeminate men?
Is a guy a bigot if he prefers not to date women with hair under their arms?
Is a woman a bigot if "size" is important to her?
Is a woman a bigot if she is not interested in inter-racial dating?

Is a transgender male to female who prefers and is attracted to women a lesbian or is the person really still a male attracted to women?
Difficult answers to difficult questions.

I would imagine the concern of some transgenders as in the case of transsexuals who have undergone SRS is that they are looking for validation and affirmation once they have made the transition. If men reject them because of their gender dysphoria that ultimately required SRS then in the transsexual "woman's" eyes and mind she believes she is still not being perceived as "female". It very much has to do with perception. It's a very complex issue.
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