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by Cool » Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:28 pm

HfxTC wrote:Its a strange place... Might have to do with the enormous amount of wealth land that was passed on from generation to generation. I have no clue what will become of this province. The population is getting old (read expensive) at a record rate and the young people leave in droves. So where is the tax base going to come from to support the entitled boomers ???

Also the hydro costs have gone through the roof here. My bill for 99KW/day is now over $1200.00 every two months, retirees on fixed income are being forced out of their homes into these little Shannex apartments, many can't handle over 1000 bucks a month for taxes and utilities alone.

If the Liberals lower the transfer payments , this place is skrewed !

Exactly, so what is this area to do? Federal & Provincial election candidates are in for a tough ride in the coming decades. They'd better be putting their heads together, as what new tech type, 21st century business, is going to escape L.A., N.Y., London, Paris etc; and if/when it comes to Canada (T.O., the Van, Mtl, or even Calgary), how is it supposed to get to you and LK, aka, the People? I keep pitching some sort of amenity to keep the tax base there, or invite other people to get into the Maritime/Atlantic fun!
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Re: Atlantic Schooners

by BigJoeM » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:18 pm

The east sounds depressing with nothing to do but wilt away maybe they can wet their sorrows over a good party .

Not to beat a dead horse but any major league with a need for large donors and big pockets would stay out of most Canadian cities except for the big smoke .

The CFL is just not in that class of big money and probably never will .

An east coast team is an ambitious endeavor but the economics of the CFL right now as of today are settling into a less is more approach to everything including attendance with stadiums at plus 20,000 mark in the East Division.

But you have three teams all community run in the CFL who excel and have the best attendance ?

The sad part is the CFL needs the fifth team in the east but the east doesn't need the CFL .

Pretty sad and sobering way to build a pro league that is Canadian only .

The only solution is to create a community team from scratch and build out but if you have 9 heads forgetting that the CFL is a collection of survivalists with philanthropic requirements you will never succeed in growing the brand beyond the 9 who will continue the survival mode forever in perpetual motion . The CFL needs to take the lead just like they have before for established teams or there will never be expansion anywhere within Canada .

Join the big boys and fight as one instead of 9 and they might get to the next level or stay the course and continue to put out fires in their individual fiefdoms in perpetuity .
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Re: Atlantic Schooners

by HfxTC » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:45 pm

Great Post...
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