CFL reaches out to Karen for $1M bad call

Re: CFL reaches out to Karen for $1M bad call

by PTBO Dave » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:38 pm

KevinRiley2 wrote:
TravelPat1 wrote:With what the CFL and it's sponsors gave her (including the $25,000 home theatre package) - she was up to over $40,000 worth of stuff and now even Air Miles have kicked in with 500,000 Air Miles - supposedly worth $50,000 so she's up to over $90,000 worth of stuff. Not too bad - but not a million bucks.

She seems like a nice lady. There is a video at this link of an interview with her from CBC.. ... -1.4205370

Re : "She seems like a nice lady."

Agree. :thup:

Pfft. You two are just gold-diggers. I'm sure she's getting "nice lady" messages from the likes of you two from Victoria to St. John's.

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Re: CFL reaches out to Karen for $1M bad call

by CatsFaninOttawa » Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:51 pm

CatsFaninOttawa wrote:Or is it simply a pre-emptive offer of settlement in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit?

Mightygoose wrote:I don't see how she has any legal grounds as it was never ruled a touchdown to begin with and referee errors are part of the game in any sport.

Abendschan wrote:A lawsuit, NOT!

I never said she would win. I'm pretty sure it would be thrown out pretty quickly.

But imagine the bad press that would result from her filing a lawsuit. Much better to head the whole thing off before it gets out of hand, and get public opinion on your side early.
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Re: CFL reaches out to Karen for $1M bad call

by Lyle B. Style » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:10 pm

Only way a lawsuit happens is if CFL awards TD to argos, 105 yd return to returner & informs public the Bomber win still stands. Thus, Sobeys has to pay up.

CFL informs Sobeys there were 2 TD returns on kickoffs. WINNER.

Only problem is Sobeys legal staff might think other-wise!

Hence, a stand-off.

Either resolve in court - or compromise solution evolves.

Compromise might be $50k per year for 4 yrs.

(but only after CFL restores the TD on the official scoresheet)

Noticed the Sobey promotion absent from last nite's broadcast . . . . !!!! W/U
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