Poll: Worst offseason move?

Which is the worst offseason move?

The Argos firing GM Jim Barker in February
The Riders signing Vince Young
The Ticats promoting Jeff Reinebold to defensive coordinator
The Eskimos firing GM Ed Hervey in April
Total votes : 32

Re: Poll: Worst offseason move?

by Lyle B. Style » Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:28 pm

brihind88 wrote:Lyle, why do you claim some imports are dumber than P ?
Have you seen their grades ? Most have graduated college or University.
That takes some smarts.

This is almost the same as the Vince Young debate.
Judge JR after the season gets going.

No , he has never been a DC ( still feeling :oops: :oops: about that one ), but he has a long resume with CFL experience.

I get Johnny's point about 2012.

However, I have not changed my position.

I do not think Devon Claybrooks is anything special.
He just has great players on D.
In the 2016 GC, he was a deer in headlights. His TSN look shots indicated confusion.

If the Cats have great D players, it will make him look good.

Just like Steinhauer.

The main difference between Claybrooks and Reinbold is Clayman actually played the game. Reinbold is about 5'7" and 135 soaking wet (Johnny will have exact stats). He actually lost a fight to Adam Rita's finger a few years ago.

Reinbold takes on the voice of an authority figure - so unless he's challenged he'll just keep on doing what he does - LOSE!

His biggest flaw is giving all that go-jibe to his charges - but forgetting to verify whether they actually understood the message and can deploy it on the field.
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Re: Poll: Worst offseason move?

by Preisst » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:42 pm

OskeeweeneeVI wrote:Dude, if you think Johnnyoutoftheplayoffs has an obsession with Saskatchewan, then you haven't read the multitude of comments he has made against Hamilton. He's not Johnny the ticats slayer, he's Johnny the ticats layer.

hahaha....poopy for him. Sounds like one of those "fans" who is more concerned with dissing other teams and players and fans rather then to cheer for his team. Those type of posters bore me.
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ppull rulz!!!!
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