How do the Argos get another 10,000 fans

Re: How do the Argos get another 10,000 fans

by slimjim2 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:03 am

-Hammer- wrote:
slimjim2 wrote:It is a different world, even if you live in Florida or Richmond Hill you can listen to TSN 1150 on the internet, "reach" doesn't matter.
The internet has changed everything and TSN needs to make CFL broadcasts available to everyone.

As much as we'd all love to see a wide open live stream of all games (myself included), this doesn't help things and the economics of it are unclear enough to not make that jump.

The reason is, people who don't watch the CFL aren't going to seek out a live stream to watch it, and people who do and find their access restricted (because they don't have a cable package and thus TSN GO) instead find a pirate stream. The biggest disadvantage of streaming is that it's a lot harder to coax someone in with a click add, then someone who is channel surfing.

It's also a lot harder to track your viewership then with cable, and thus sell it to advertisers.

However, the main reason is, the second you offer a free full live stream, people start to cut their cable. Heck, if all sports were free and legally streamed over the internet, I'd cut my cable in a heartbeat. It's for this reason, you likely have an agreement with the cable providers who are paying your money for the rights to your channel. They don't want to let go of it, which means that they are likely overpaying for it, for your benefit. Live sports and an aging population, really are the last thing that are keeping people holding onto their cable subscriptions.

So why does it work so well on ESPN3 ?
I watch CFL games that are streamed on ESPN 3 and they show ads just like they do on TSN except when TSN breaks for an ad, ESPN inserts their own ads. It's not exactly "free" because you are paying for it through the internet monthly fee.
They are losing half a million cable/satellite viewers a year in Canada.
Rogers has the stand alone sports package, you can watch the Jays etc without having a cable/satelite.
Bell should be doing the same thing with TSN. ... s-channel/
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