Well I think it will be a closer game, but Riders seem to be cruising now, so I pick win 4!!

ed ohmnes

This is a tough one to predict,  lots of noise,  if they get off to a good start it could be close, but the o line will have to give Kevin some time,  flip some shuttle passes in there and draws at the right time, oh it will be a good contest,  go riders.

GC Bound

Its been quite a time since I've seen a Rider team that I could say with good confidence, they'll beat these guys.
I also feel this ones hard to figure, only because I'm not totally sold on this win streak reflecting a super improved team.
But damn exciting though!! 
Go Riders Go


This is going to be a lot closer than Labour Day. 

Whinnepeg will be better prepared.

Go Riders Go
1966, 1989, 2007 & 2013 Grey Cup Champions

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This game is going to tell us just how good they are . Bombers will come out flying in the first quarter. We keep it close till then and once the adrenalin levels off the Riders can then play their game. If we win in this hostile environment, we are an elite team. We lose, we're still in a hunt for a playoff game but not as good as we hoped. Riders 36 Bombers 28.


I agree with Cheater's comments, this game will tell much about the team..playing a good opponent, in what will definitely be a challenging environment. The Riders are definitely an improved group, and believing in themselves, so I think they will challenge for a playoff spot the remainder of the year. This game decides to what level they've improved (challenging in the West or simply for a cross-over). As a fan I'll be super-stoked if they win this one, but will be satisfied as long as they "show-up" (in a loss). My heart says Riders in OT 43-40....My head says they lose a close one by the same margin (3 pts). 
I had to modify this by adding, as much as I want to see them kick-ass, it would likely be better odds if they did indeed end-up in a cross-over at the end of the year! :) 

GC Bound

I got a feeling that the Riders win this game against Winnipeg to make it 4 in a row and serious contender
The team is believing and the fans now as well!

Lyle B. Style

I know the bombers won't go down 24-3 early - in fact they may jump out to a meaningless 7-0 or 11-0 lead.

But the riders have superior speed, power and endurance - and their coaching is starting to glue together.

Bombers have a couple of experienced coaches - but Paul Plop has become too predictable with limited weapons at his disposal. Richie Hall has become the laughing stock of the CFL for his lack of defensive prowess and poor scheming.

Bombers also have an ex CFL Hobo QB named Buck Pierce as their QB coach. Pierce is basically a vacant body on the sidelines; most often not knowing the time of day or whether he's foot or horseback.

God D. Jones has assembled a wonderful resilient defense with some true all-stars. Their d-line might not be as powerful as other teams but scheming gives them the push to put pressure on Checkdown Charlie (M. Nichols).

Winnipeg rosters mostly capable and earnest receivers that for the most part lack speed and power. Riders have some amazing young bucks in Carter & Roosevelt - let alone some other up 'n comes - plus Rob Bagg. . . . . they will be missing Winnipeg native Nic Demski though (good returner, up n' coming WR)

Defensively its NOT even CLOSE. Winnipeg has too many hobos - at least one per area. Sam Hurl is the worst MLB in the CFL, the bomber excuse-makers now saying he's not paid to make tackles but to set the defense - and occupy blockers. Very sad commentary. Bomber d-line also lacking the oomph and push it showed earlier in the season as guys like Poop Johnson, Jam Westerman, etc. appear gassed. DBs are good athletes playing bad schemes.

Best thing after Winnipeg takes their medicine and goes 7-4 is coach and all guys saying 'we gotta look to our next game, watch film, correct mistakes and win', easier said than done when you appear mostly done.

If by some miracle the bombers can subdue the surging riders that might put real pressure on the riders to mount another 3 or 4 game winning streak - just to snag the crossover. 8-3 Bombers vs. 6-6 Riders - w/ bombers winning season series. Bombers would be set up for a legit run at 2nd place (3rd is their fallback) while riders would need to scratch 'n claw for the crossover (legit chance at getting into the Cup though!)


Very very tough to win 2 in a row against the same team...look no further than the BC back to backs.  The Lines tend to be the biggest factor in these, with solid adjustments in the 2nd game.  The Riders are without Nick James...who has really seemed to solidify the line.  It was sketchy in 3/4 in the past but solid in 4/3...he just eats up the middle though and kills it on rushing downs.  I think the tale of this game will be if the Bombers can rush down the Riders throats or not.

I also look for the Bombers to expose Dargan more in this one...I think they discovered that a little too late.

Suspecting a much closer game...I hate to make predictions in these back to backs though.

Agreed with took a while for the neg list to turn over and really rebuild ground up, but 1.5 years is not horrid.  I don't think it is done...there are a few spots I know will be least 1-2 of those specifically will likely happen this year still.

Lyle B. Style

Just got home to speed-watch my PVR.

Interesting game,

Nichols has to hit tight windows cuz the coverage is that good.

Glenn has so many guys open his eyes are popping out!

Bomber coverage schemes are schizo - execution of DBs even worse!

Winnipeg simply cannot handle the power and speed of the rider WRs. Bombers kept it close in first half - but form chart says they'll gas out in 2nd half . . . .


No need to play any football - just have receivers pause for one step - will always connect with defender. Instant first down - every single time.

Sarcasm aside - that is the weakest incidental pass call  interference I have ever seen

Lyle B. Style

No need to play any football - just have receivers pause for one step - will always connect with defender. Instant first down - every single time.

Sarcasm aside - that is the weakest incidental pass call  interference I have ever seen
Well, Diaper-Mouth Proulx did call it "Accidental Past Interference". Didn't know that phrase was in the rule book???


Nice leap for the TD ....

Lyle B. Style

Nice dive off the bridge by Brandon!

Wonder if Glenn suffered a broken finger, thumb or just got his hand jammed?

GC Bound

Well I think this game was a good test showing we have a ways to go yet......
No points in 4th. quarter....Mmmm

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