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After looking at this again there were 3 passes that Glenn made that jumped out at me as concerns...
There was one about 8 minutes into the 4th...that one was underneath in the middle and never should have been chucked...almost picked.  bad decision
there was one in the 3rd that was on a timing route...the lane was blocked so Glenn pulled it down, waited and threw.  It was a bad pass...well short...which was lucky.  
the 3rd was the pick 6...see above note.

So there was one that he just shouldn't have happens.  The other 2 were interrupted timing routes...hopefully something they have sink in for him in film study...if that passing lane is blocked on a timing route the worst thing you can do is pass it a second later.  He needs to look elsewhere or kill the play

He and Zach were about equal for 'almost picked' though....Colaros threw some stupid passes...his were largely from pressure though.  Francis had one in his chest and there was another one off someone's hands, plus a tip drill over the middle with 3 or 4 Riders there

I totally agree... we all know Glenn is bad at throwing into tight coverage and gets burnt lots. Upside he reads quick and can get the ball off when time is short ( weak O Line ) . DD was better at not throwing picks and I think a better arm, but he has always be slow on reads. He needs a strong O line to do his best work. Something he lacked last season... it was a season of run for your life with all QB's last season. Our O line has improved this season, but still not there yet! JMO

ed ohmnes

Sit back, and relax,  ha we're just warming up,  we got 2 weeks to disect now.  And get ready for the stamps.


Not seeing the connection for a trade with Hamilton leading to getting Franklin. Would you care to explain how you see how this playing out?  I'm not saying your wrong, I just can't connect the dots. :)

GC Bound

Depop said
 "This team has put itself in position to win each game...playing ugly or not, they put themselves in that position. Now they got a convincing win in a game that they should have had a convincing win. Hopefully this is something that gives them confidence to pull out the wins in those ones that are a single score margin. Full week off to prep for the Stamps...huge game to see if they are truly progressing."

I could not agree more and also believe unlike last season (where they also put themselves in winning situations) they have to win the close ones and get Way More disciplined while they are doing it.
Nix the penalties!! :cowboy:


Quote from: "JimmytheGreek "
Not seeing the connection for a trade with Hamilton leading to getting Franklin. Would you care to explain how you see how this playing out?  I'm not saying your wrong, I just can't connect the dots. :)

Pure speculation and banter.  Hamilton is in trouble with their OL.  Riders have a spare LT capable of being a good starter in Campbell.  They could potentially package that with one of their good national OL prospects for a high draft pick.  I wouldn't normally be keen on moving OL prospects...but they really nailed the draft and now have Zyver as well.  They have more prospects than their roster can really chances are they are looking at parting with one in some way.  If they can move that combo for a 1st rounder I can see that being moved later for a Franklin.


The guys really seem to be playing as a team.

I thought Cameron Marshall had a great game running the ball, blocking and picking up blitzes.  He did what a player is supposed to do on the INT as well which is to make an effort to tackle the guy who made the pick.  Appears to have really good hands too.   Glenn has said he'd like for the team to get him more involved.

Morris did really good as well.

I thought the D line had a really good game.  Hamilton's Oline certainly isn't the best but it is in the top 10 in the league and we were more then a handful for them. We only had one sack but I sure liked seeing the constant pressure we were putting on.
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ppull rulz!!!!

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