A regular season game between a CFL team, rotate team each year, agains't an NFL team where it also counts as a regular season game for them.  Ok, not going to happen.  8)
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


A regular season game between a CFL team, rotate team each year, agains't an NFL team where it also counts as a regular season game for them.  Ok, not going to happen.  8)
   Did you brain storm something Earl and then decided it's not a good idea ?

   Never will happen even the exhibition games they did before are now out of bounds . Before our schedule was similar and were able to play exhibition games around the same time . Not now the CFL is much more a Summer league .

  The all star game has too many career ending opportunities for the NFL stars as they will not be playing full out . The CFL players will be playing all out and will be looking to attract attention so they can win the NFL lottery money . It's just too one sided in players being attracted to play . Nothing in it for the NFL and everything for the CFL . The NFL players would look at it as a temporary demotion and would be hard pressed to play with any deal of intensity .

   Fun to think about but won't happen . Simpler times back in the 50's and 60 's when even college kids could beat the runner ups in the NFL title in one game .




yippee, only 3 1/2 hrs to go.

I am looking forward to this game too much.  Which probably means the Eagles are gonna suck and the game be over by halftime.
Crush cream soda is oh so good.  I think I'll have another

I don't think I am always right, it just keeps turning out that way


Hopefully it is a good one.  I'm curious to see if as rumoured we get hologram Prince at halftime. 


Prince at halftime. halftime show....ever...

...before the days of canned music and lip-sync...the end, Purple Rain, with the crowd singing and the college marching band playing backup, simply awesome....

...the NFL did a behind the scenes short about that event,
There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.


I notice Bell Media is doing their best to capture as many Canadian viewers as possible and not lose the majority of viewers to NBC - since the CRTC won't allow a simsub for the game itself. (Apparently they can simsub right up until the ball is kicked off.) 

They are giving away hundreds of thousands during the game but you have to be watching the Canadian feed to have a chance to win. 

From 6:00PM - 6:30PM - the 30 minutes immediately prior to kickoff - the telecast will be on CTV, CTV2, TSN 1,2,3,4 and 5. The game itself on CTV, CTV2 and TSN2 


Pats should do the sporting thing and spot the Eagles 17 pts before kickoff.


  Great anthem by Pink . Patriots with their hands on their hearts . 

  Al Michael said it best great to see the two top seeds in the championship .


20 minutes until the BIG GAME!!!  

* yawn *
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Yawn yes, just get the game going.


3-3, excellent drives, one stalled by a bad penalty and the other by a bad throw by Brady to Gronk.  Tom, the guy is tall, throw it up high rather than trying to dart it in with a d back right in front of Gronk.  Bad by Brady.


This NFL is awesome, they go for it on 3rd down every time! :o

Thanks to @Doc_Dave for sig


The NFL is 3 downs, they just have an extra down for fun sakes.  8) Great play by the Eagles one on one coverage and Folds found the right guy with a good throw.


Heck of a first quarter!  Over 280 yards of offence just about evenly split between the two teams! Great catch for the Eagles TD - but will that missed extra point come back to haunt the Eagles. 


Best league in the world, what a high school snap for a field goal and a missed extra point.  Ok, "the best".  hmmm The CFL is equally "as good" or "as bad" depending on how you want to look at it.  ;)

Brutal toss by Brady,  brutal. High school stuff.

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