Well the Titaans sure aren't getting any breaks from the officials. I'm with Tony Romo on the two calls that were big for the Pats. Chintzy offensive interference call killed a Titans drive and reversing the illegal procedure call wasn't the right call either. 


Romo's great in the booth hey?


Yeah, calls not going Titans way and now this one is out of the reach I'd say.  I like Romo as well.
I'm not allowed to comment on lousy officiating - Former Saints General Manager Jim Fink


That was a fair catch?  Didn't look like it to me. but regardless, catch the ball if you can on a fair catch in this situation, if you can and he could have, because there was too many yards between the returner and the end zone and a football can bounce any which way of course.  Just catch the friggin ball and that mess would not have happened.  Doesn't matter, Eagles won.

I think that the ball was swirling in the crazy wind and he was not sure where it was coming down.  Hard to judge when you not in that position.

I remember once watching a CFL game and the returner dropped the ball and I was pissed.  I said to myself, I don't even drop punts.  Well, the next day I played a game and dropped 3 of them.  Only time in my life that happened.  At least I was able to pick each one up again.
Live well and please God

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I think Romo is great too.  Just now another call against the Titans that Romo says is a bad call on an illegal motion call.

Seems we are not the only ones thinking the Pats are getting all the breaks from the officials.

Stop us if you've heard this before, but the NFL world isn't happy about the perceived preferential treatment for the New England Patriots by the referees.

First, Titans wide receiver Eric Decker was hit with a questionable offensive pass interference penalty that wiped away a third-down conversion and forced Tennessee to punt. The Patriots took the lead on the ensuing drive.

Later, the officials changed an offsides penalty against the Patriots on a fourth-down punt to a neutral zone infraction against the Titans, giving New England a first down. Again, the Patriots took advantage of their good fortune and engineered a scoring drive.

Twitter wasn't impressed by the performance of the referees:
Then there are a bunch of tweets about it that you can read if you go to the link. I completely agree with the one that says

The Patriots would probably be up regardless, but the officiating in Foxboro has been absolutely embarrassing.


Yup, that offensive PI call was chintzy for sure, a case where let them play for pete sakes.


had to go out to a birthday dinner during the second game so didn't see much.

obvious outcome though no matter the refereeing .

gonna sleep thru the first half of the first game tomorrow but not really interested in watching a Pittsburgh slaughter anyhow.

really looking forward to the second game.


Pat ..
Your right but Bortles is a Jekyll and Hyde kinda QB ..what one will show up.

He's been mostly good this year but the last 3 weeks were bad but thankfully he has some feet and they decided to let him use them.

If the good Bortles shows up we could put another pounding on the steelers..our defense is good so maybe the win put some mojo into the team.
You are looking like a genius through the first 19 minutes with that comment Dawg.    

gonna sleep thru the first half of the first game tomorrow but not really interested in watching a Pittsburgh slaughter anyhow.

Did you mean Pittsburgh getting slaughtered FYB?

Cause that is what is happening about 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter. - 21 - 0 Jags!  What a stunner!


wow.  didn't watch a single play but very pleasantly surprised and very happy to be so wrong.


Huge upset with the Jags beating the Steelers.  Why didn't the Steelers kick a field goal quickly at the end and then try and on-side kick, good field position with keeping time on the clock and then going for a game tying fg?  Bad head coaching I'd say, they gave the game at the end to the Jags.  Whatever but you don't deserve to win giving up 45 pts in a playoff game.  Brutal.  But didn't see the game so not sure how that happened.

Vikings game, brutal call agains't the Saints d back on that one, it could have been offensive interference.  Let it go, horrible reffing once again in the NFL, brutal.

Wow, you don't see Brees underthrow like that, the guy was open for td but a very poor throw by one of the best.  Vikes should win this one with the refs on their side and Brees not sharp.  

Flagfest in Minny (some might say like some CFL games ;) ), going to be ugly for the Saints in this one.

How many flags can they throw in this one?  The Saints are NOT marching in.  :-*   This will be the opposite of what we call a "classic" football game.  :-*

Yup, nightmare first half for the Saints.  They looked defeated on the sidelines, no energy, nothing.

And another flag, Saints, go home, it's not your day.  Is it even worth it to watch the 2nd half unless you want to see pummelling?  

Well field goal no good for the Vikes, could this be a faint glimmer of hope for the Saints in the 2nd half?  You never know.

Saints can stop the run all they want but if they can't stop Keenum and company with the pass, this one IS over.

Brees, less than 50 percent completion first half, not Brees-like.

Nice td for the Saints, different game now.  And another td for the Saints, ok this one could end up being "classic" in every which way.  Wow!  I hate it when I'm wrong but it seems I am wrong.

That fg should have counted with the challenge by NO.  Weird.  Doesn't matter, Vikes make the fg the second time!!!


Turning out to be a fantastic game that's for sure!

Great call by the Saints, just a tad off target but love the call.

OMG, defensive hold, bad timing Saints...

And OMG blocked punt, oh boy!!!  I can watch this stuff forever!  Inside the 30....  slipped but 1st down Saints..

TD SAINTS!  Who would have imagined!  Out of this world!  Saints leading now, 1st time today!

FG Vikes but I think too much time left for Brees, Vikes needed one more first down.

I predict a Saints win...  But starting from the 25....

4th and 10, vintage Brees 17-22 2nd half...  It's over Vikes, and I would have never imagined after that 1st half, WOW!@  game not over yet but just about...

here we go.... FG to win the game... and yes, that's it Vikes 99.9 percent...  Brees and company schools the Vikes.

HOLY SH....T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF!  Hey, it's sports, you never know!  One for the ages!


very sloppy pathetic "attempt" to tackle on that last play by the Saints defender.   If I was him, I wouldn't show my face anywhere near New Orleans for a few years.

otherwise, a great game.

love the fact that 3 of the final 4 have never won, but with Steelers gone, everything favors the Pats

then again, I am not always right :)


Great play by play Earl!  lol

The finish to that Saints - Vikings game - one for the ages. UN-FRIGGIN BELIEVABLE!

4 lead changes in the last 3 minutes with the last one being this Vikings miracle. Joe Buck's call with his voice starting to crack 'Pass is caught! Diggs - Sideline! Touchdown! Unbelievable! Vikings Win It!' is one I'm sure we'll hear played back many times.


Unreal hey?
I actually dislike it when one guy is soooo responsible for a loss. Tough to live with for a young guy.
I love the hero. But feel bad if there is a goat.

One major difference I see with NFL and CFL is the shocking speed on defense and their ability to so quickly close the gap.

And it always makes me wonder why CFL is 99.9% wedded to shotgun and the NFL QB able to pass or run with QB in either formation..


Pat, thanks but did you have to put the 'lol' in there?  ;)

Excellent game as it turned out.

everyman, you have to remember it's easier to close the gap on a field much narrower than the CFL field.  

NFL QB able to pss or run with QB in either formation.
Not sure what you are saying there everyman?  :-\  I don't see a difference.  I will say I do feel a bit sorry for the Saints as they mounted a great comeback and it was a shame in some ways they lost.  But that's the way it goes.

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