Saints escape with a win, Newton looked bad but not so bad as to not to be able to win.  Gotta love Brees, not that big of a guy but smart and makes the most with what he has.
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


Whoever wrote the Canadian Press report of the Jags - Bills game that will appear on most Canadian sports websites (like TSN) and in newspapers across the country - called it like it was. Less than flattering would be an understatement. It was the worst of the four games this weekend. 

Some excerpts....

Blake Bortles put together one decent drive all day, doing as much with his legs as his arm, and the defensive-minded Jacksonville Jaguars eked out an ugly and sometimes unwatchable 10-3 victory against the Buffalo Bills in an AFC wild-card game Sunday.

Bortles was a big reason Jacksonville won the game and a big reason it was so close. This was far from a passing clinic. It was more like a painful exercise in overcoming poor passing. Bortles was off most of the day, misfiring short and long

It will be interesting to see what moves the Bills make over the post season.  They were a feel good story just making the playoffs - but now they'll be expected to be better next season.  Hopefully McCoy's got at least one more good season. Now the big questions - the QB and they need a deep threat at receiver. 

Great to hear that by today the donations to Andy Dalton's charity were up to 15,000 donations and over $325,000 too. Well done Bill's Mafia. 


After listening to Jabari Greer's analysis on the Bills game on TSN, I think I should give Taylor a bit of a break as Greer was lamenting on the Bills offensive game plan was not good and the Bills simply got outcoached not playing into Taylor's strengths to get him involved with running the ball more and get him into the game more that way.  Greer made it clear he didn't like the Bills offensive game plan at all.

Bortles actually had more running yards than his passing yards and the Jags win the game!  Weird.

RedandWhite most worlds a 10-3 outcome would be heralded as an outstanding defensive wasn't...
There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.


No it was not.  

At this link Jesse Palmer talks about how the Bills need an upgrade at QB.  Floated the idea of try to get Alex Smith.  Also another look at that Mariota pass to ....... Mariota. What an athletic play.


There will be a line-up to get Alex Smith I'm thinking.
Buffalo, Denver, Jets to head up the list no doubt.

watershed deals in the NFL hey...Gruden ( will be a monumental fail imo) and I think we'll see a divorce in NE with Belichick as well. Belichick would love an Alex Smith wherever BB lands. (Jets, Wash maybe...Giants?...Miami?)


So you guys don't agree with Greer's take because he's siding with Taylor on this, player to player sort of thing?  Can you say BIAS?  I knew you could.  ;)


If my feelings about Taylor were based on just one game then maybe I could buy the bad game plan argument - but it goes way beyond that.  He's OK - but only just that - just OK.  Not somebody I think who could take the Bills deep into the playoffs. Just not good enough.


Jesse Palmer on TSN made an interesting comment about the Bills game saying they aren't going to win with Taylor, more or less said that as the NFL is a passing league and if you can't move the ball by passing you aren't going to win the big one. 


Defensive battle between the Eagles and Falcons.  Some real dumb stuff though, why didn't that Eagles punt returner call for a fair catch and eliminate what happened with the Eagles getting the ball on that punt?  Totally stupid, beyond stupid.  And refing is no better than the CFL.

The more I watch the NFL the more I appreciate the CFL.


Man does this game make me appreciate the CFL so much.  Some real brutal officiating and bad plays.

But congrats to the Eagles, they won on a very ugly day of football.  Hopefully the next game isn't as brutal.


I am glad the Eagles won, but it doesn't matter because the winners of tomorrows games are going to the SB

The Eagles returner did call for a fair catch but his teammates screwed up.

Didn't see much bad reffing myself.
Crush cream soda is oh so good.  I think I'll have another

There are people out there who just will not be happy until they have created sentient AI.


That was a fair catch?  Didn't look like it to me. but regardless, catch the ball if you can on a fair catch in this situation, if you can and he could have, because there was too many yards between the returner and the end zone and a football can bounce any which way of course.  Just catch the friggin ball and that mess would not have happened.  Doesn't matter, Eagles won.

Anyways, close calls on those catches but as I say, it's football, just not any better than the CFL even if the players are generally bigger.

Bottom line, congrats to the Eagles especially their defense.


Nice 95 yard drive by the Titans.  Looks like they came to play at the start of the game this week and aren't waiting to the second half like they did against the Chiefs last week. 

Quick reply by the Pats to start the 2nd quarter.  Could be a fun one. 


Or could be a blowout as it may be turning out to be.

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