...true enough...just thought the winner of the MLS would place higher than that in the futbol rankings of ze verld...
There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.


...true enough...just thought the winner of the MLS would place higher than that in the futbol rankings of ze verld...
Ranking is co-efficient based on results over the last 5 yrs.
Not bad considering where they where 3-4 yrs ago.


The quality of TFC and many MLS teams the last couple of years is light years better than the first few seasons TFC were in the MLS. I used to go to about half their games the first few years when I still lived in downtown Toronto when the stadium only held 18,000 - 20,000 people. Always had a ton of fun -  but the soccer was often dreadful.  And not just TFC. The opposition often wasn't that good either.

The quality of games these days - and the facility - is like night and day compared to seven or eight years ago.

As long as that trend continues - the league will continue to make strides in attendance and overall popularity. The trends are certainly in the right direction.

Average attendance.  
2013 - 18,606
2014 - 19,095
2015 - 21,547
2016 - 21,662
2017 - 22.124


Unlike you Pat I don't have the ability to see the quality of players and games from the "majors" in Premier League or Italian league etc.  vs this new "MLS majors" league but then I have never played the game of soccer competitively and don't understand the nuances of the game and such, and as well I can't say I've ever watched a soccer match other than about 3 or so minutes at a time for a game and highlights.  

But for the knowledgable fans of soccer like yourself, it's just fantastic that North America has a league, even if there are only 3 teams in Canada with no future growth for MLS in Canada in the foreseeable future it would seem, that they can really follow and enjoy along the lines of world calibre soccer.  

I'm a sports fan deep at heart and want nothing the best for all sports because a kid that gets turned onto to sport means there is one less bad sort of thing he/she might be doing out there with their spare time.  The more choices for kids to participate in a sport, the better.

I'm sure one day TFC, and more closely to me the Argos as well,  will have an even better stadium, current one updated or new one,  that what they have now with those cheap plastic looking seats which thankfully THF in Hamilton didn't put in.  But BMO is light years ahead of watching a game on television compared with the round baseball Rogers Centre whether the place is packed or with hardly any fans.  It's just nice watching football from a stadium that looks like a football stadium and Toronto should be proud of this more or less first run at a football stadium that with more upgrades in the future ie. the seats, will even be better.    Of course it doesn't compare in class to what they built in Regina but then that's an entire province that has gone in on that gorgeous stadium there.
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


This writer doesn't mince words when talking about the potential Columbus to Austin move and pro sports in general.  One thing I like about the CFL is that there aren't many cities at all that seem prepared to build a stadium so the league has less chances to utilize this mode of racketeering used by other American pro leagues.  The league may not like this but as a fan, I do:

Columbus Crew, Welcome To The Stadium Extortion Racket

But this is the way of pro sports in America: Passion has nothing to do with it, not beyond what passion can be translated into revenue. I would like to be able to tell Columbus to stand firm, to tell the rich man to build his own damn stadium, but that very well may lose them the Crew, because Austin seems willing to give him what he wants. The stadium grift will work until every single city tells sports owners to f... off. Sentiment won’t save you.


The 2018 CONCACAF Champions League draw for TFC is a tough one.  They should be able to get through the round of 16 when they will face Colorado in a home and away series the last week of February where Toronto has the advantage of the second game at home.  

But if they advance to the quarter-finals - the likely opponent will be the Mexican giant Tigres team. Tigres won the Liga MX's Apertura final earlier this month, defeating league-leader Monterrey after finishing second in the standings.

And the MLS announced regular season home openers for all teams today.  Toronto are home to Columbus on March 3rd at BMO (brrr!).  Vancouver are home to Montreal on March 4th and TFC and the Montreal will have an early season 401 Derby with a March 17th game at Olympic Stadium in Montreal as Montreal's home opener.


Looks like Nashville becomes the 24th team tomorrow. Some didn't like the idea of awarding a franchise to a market without a ready-made fanbase in lower division. But the team's two billionaire investors and their ambitious plan of 27,500 seat stadium (compared to only 19,500 and 23,000 Sac and Cincy aimed for) trumped all the concerns I guess. 

There's a chatter that despite the late inclusion of Meg Whitman MLS is not quite satisfied with the ownership group of Sacramento (not deep enough pocket?). Cincinnati has some funding gap to sort out (and in the same state the Columbus relocation issue). So it's not out of the possibility that Detroit will be the other team awarded. Aside from being in the biggest TV market and having the deepest pockets, they also have an advantage of being able to start playing as early as 2019 to keep an even number of teams in the league and make scheduling less of a headache. We'll see. 



We are on the list.
This is a iffy interpretation of a treble, even though it is a called a national one on Wikipedia.

I will consider them having winning a treble if they win the 2018 Champions' League. No more, no less!


We are on the list.
This is a iffy interpretation of a treble, even though it is a called a national one on Wikipedia.

I will consider them having winning a treble if they win the 2018 Champions' League. No more, no less!
That's why the have two distinctions... They would have to win the 2018 Champions league, 2018 MLS Cup and Supporter shield to hold the first distinction... Within the same calendar year/ season. 

The Domestic treble is a distinction used by all leagues where it's applicable. There's nothing iffy about it... they won three titles.  You can do what ever do like but it doesn't change what was accomplished.


A few nice feathers in their caps to end 2017 for Toronto FC.  

The team won the Sun George Gross Sportspersons of the Year Award.

They were also named as Postmedia's Team of the Year.

Toronto FC came in 2nd in the Canadian Press Team of the Year voting behind Canada's gold medal winning U19 basketball team. 


I'm happy for the soccer fans in Canada and the US that they feel they finally belong in North America.  Good on them!  I'm sure they still feel  in shadow of the true major league soccer leagues in Europe and such but at least with the MLS and their feeder leagues here, it's good for them.  Nice.  It's a great sport soccer and if did have kids, I'd want them playing soccer because it's not that tough of a sport on the noggin compared with football and hockey, it's more like baseball and basketball, much more benign on the noggin albeit there have been some issues raised with the sport as to cognitive issues from heading the ball etc.  Not sure what parents think of this though.  But when you describe a game as beautiful, well, it can't be that tough of a sport really. ;)

It's great the soccer community can celebrate though with the rise of soccer in NA as more of a legitimate spectator sport, still the MLS isn't considered among the major 4 pro NA leagues but maybe one day people will actually speak of 5 truly major NA leagues.  Who knows.  I'm guessing the MLS people are dreaming of that.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

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