I'm sure Don Cherry is making the same assessment of this kid now. ;)  I will agree to some extent the concept of "once a killer always a killer" sort of thing.  But an assessment will need to be made of the kid's character and how engrained it is within this noggin, I will agree with that.  You don't go throwing medals into the stands, again have to agree with that.  But I don't know how the hockey minds of the GMs think about all of this with this particular kid and his background, past behaviour, how he converses and thinks of teammates etc.  So much else to consider.  He was captain afterall.

Dan, you don't believe in the idea of forgiveness if someone admits they did something wrong and wants to atone for it?
   I've already forgiven him,  but I would be stupid to forget. Same as I've already forgiven you, Earl, for making excuses for his bad behaviour.
Si vis pacem... para bellum

If you think you can't when you can, you won't.
If you think you can when you can't, you just might.


Agree, you forgive but you never forget something.  

Thanks for forgiving me Dan.  I think.  ;)
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


 The IIHF has suspended 4 Swedish players and coaches for the next year's tournament... its a complete joke...unless those suspension are honoured if they play in the upcoming World Men's championship or any other sanctioned competition by the IIHF....


I still say the team should have their medals taken away from them... that would be the just punishment for the actions of the players. 8 other teams would have traded places with the Swedes for the right to play for the gold medal... that is what the silver represents, that you were good enough to make the final game of a tournament. Yeah, it hurts to lose, but be proud of your accomplishment... or they could strip Sweden of its "A" group status, and make them earn their way back.

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