Now that all said, the team is doing pretty well right now. They are running a 4 game win streak after breaking a slump and are sitting 4th in the Eastern Conference, only 4 points away from 1st.

Go out and support the Bulldogs. It's great hockey for a reasonable price.


Bulldogs owner willing to pay half for new arena

Michael Andlauer had previously said he'd be willing to cover a "substantial" amount for any such project. But pressed for a more-precise figure — tough to do when nobody knows exactly what a rink would cost — he offered the 50-50 proposition.
"If I said I'd match what the city would put in, would that be deemed substantial?" he asked.
Even with that now out there, there's a question about whether city council will be willing to seriously entertain such a discussion.
Andlauer has said he'd like to see a 5,000- to 10,000-seat arena constructed somewhere in town, which he expects would cost between $60 million and $100 million, depending on the bells and whistles attached. He says he understands that relying totally on public money when budgets are tight isn't feasible.
"That's why I'm willing to put money into it," he says. "A lot more than anybody else in this city's ever put into sports."
More here

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If he’s willing to spend $30-50 million, then why spend $50 million by himself and get whatever he can for that $$.  Leave taxpayer money out of it.  He then has full control and all the profits or loss going forward. 


I have to say I'm impressed, it’s not often you have an owner willing to put 50% in. I really hope the City listens to Mr. Andleaur, he deserves the cities attention and an honest effort to get a new/renovated arena done. Considering how much adulation we give to Caretaker for his efforts supporting the Ticats, I think Andleaur deserves the same. He’s owned the Bulldogs since the 90’s and is willing to put up $30-$40M of his own money on the project. The City used the Future Fund (taxpayer) money for about $50M to fund THF. I don’t think the Ti-cats put anywhere near as much into THF as Andleaur is willing to put into the arena. Again THF gives us 10 odd event dates, Copps gives us 30 + playoff hockey games, plus concerts and other events. The return on investment is much greater with the arena then the football field but there doesn’t seem to be as much public attention or pressure to do something with the arena.


If its one thing that Hamilton needs its another arena.  :o

Cause the one they've got is just too busy with events. ::)


If its one thing that Hamilton needs its another arena.  :o

Cause the one they've got is just too busy with events. ::)
Part of the reason Copps isn't as busy is because of its age and lack of upgrades. A new rink would bring in more events and bump up Bulldogs attendance.

We spent 150M on a football stadium that has 10 events a year. 60-80M on an arena that has even 100 events a year would seem to be a no brainer.

10 Ticats games @ 25000 fans= 250 000

30 bulldog games @ 5000= 150 000

1 concert at Copps is what 15 000? 5 big concerts a year is 75 000

Between other smaller Concerts, trade shows etc. You're surpassing THF. 

It seems worthwhile to me.


Limeridge mall IS the downtown of the Mtn.   It has parking, transit, highway access, walkability and other amenities ie shops and restaurants.  Not being owned by the city makes it a perfect spot bc as we know if our backwards thinking politicos have anything to do with it it will be f d up.  Therefore with all the positives it will never happen.


If its one thing that Hamilton needs its another arena.  :o

Cause the one they've got is just too busy with events. ::)
Copps Coliseum turned into a white elephant because once the Bettman cartel took over the NHL, there was no way in hell that Hamilton would get an NHL team. Even with a willing owner (Jim Balsillie) who even proposed a modernization of Copps to accommodate a current NHL team.

Hamilton always gets the sh*t end of the stick. Both from external (big business) and internal (city council) sources. :(


Build it. 

You can't play Junior hockey at the FOCU Centre.

Legs Feed the Wolf!


The "new" site has to be near where your minor hockey players are anď where their parents want to take them.  Downtown hammer not an option.  



Just an update in the Spec today on this. Really feel for Andleaur....looks like the City is intent on letting this investment slip through its fingers.


Dogs just won again in North Bay, and currently sitting atop the Eastern Conference. We're getting closer to the trade deadline and it looks like the Dogs might end up being buyers for the first time, so I'd expect to see some good hockey coming up the next few months.


Well at least there will be a really good crowd at FirstOntario this Friday night - but not for a Bulldogs game.  The last warmup game for the Canada World Juniors team against Switzerland Friday night already has something like 13,000 tickets sold for it.  

My first time ever time at Copps Coliseum was to attend a Canada - Switzerland World Junior game on Boxing Day in 1985 - some 32 years ago.  :)


It's a shame the Bulldogs can't even draw crowds half this size.

Over 12,500 last night for what was always going to be an uncompetitive exhibition game.  Yet looking at Ticketmaster - the next two Bulldogs home games - during the school break - hardly any tickets sold for them.  It's a shame considering the excellent hockey they are playing. 

Evil Doctor

The Bulldogs always get a bump in attendance after the World Jrs.  The last two years saw a bump to their average attendance of 500 and 600 respectively after the new year.  They're currently sit a respectable 10 in average attendance at 3577. They'll be over 4000 by the end of the season putting them 7th overall.  So chill...

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