I appreciate your knowledge and thoughts what you say as below Connecticut Yankee
but this one reminds me so much about how the printed book was going to disappear quickly with Kindles etc.  And libraries, public libraries especially but even academic libraries where institutions as part of accreditation are being evaluated in part with the strength of their libraries,  were going to be extinct by now with no books on the shelf and just computers in some room.  Just not happening.  So I really have to take a grain of salt when anyone mentions that Network TV is going to die anytime soon as you seem to suggest.   :-\

Network TV is dying a slow death that will only accelerate in the next 3-5 years.
Agree the CFL is undervalued but how does the league grow as you mention?  The beauty is the CFL isn't some 30 team league like the 4 majors in NA so maybe the league does have room to grow in different ways with the number of teams it has at the moment.  But please nothing to do with any suggestion of ponzi stuff, MLS seems to be getting away with this due to young people grasping for their own identity with pro sports, but I hope the CFL is above this in terms of class and integrity.
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


  As one who has all platforms at my finger tips I don't see a case for cable or sat TV as we have now . It will be a pick and choose what networks we want and many present networks will fall as their content is redundant .Once streaming has deleted the streaming lag on sports it will end the preferred platform of cable or satellite . It will no longer make sense to have two entertainment platforms with the same content especially appointment TV of  live sports and pay double the price .

 Once the internet stream is stronger you will once again have networks or stations which we can obtain on the net with an app for free but you will see ads pop up like you tube or City TV as we do now . We will just be able to pick and choose and no longer be locked into stations we get against or will .We will watch when we want to watch except for live sports . This content will become valuable or less valuable as we will see who watches because of the horde mentality .

 It will be interesting what the end result be for pro sports as the younger generation 
does not see pro sports like our generation as must see TV except for the annual holiday mentality of the Super Bowl or Grey Cup celebration .


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