the only choke was when Preds failed to hold a 3-0 lead.
Getting spanked 6-2 and having your #1 goalie pulled,  not sure what you might call it.

Laying an egg perhaps.
works for me

If I knew Lyle in person, I would bet him 1000 that WPG wins on Thursday.

When is the last time all 4 division winners made it to conference finals.
Crush cream soda is oh so good.  I think I'll have another

I don't think I am always right, it just keeps turning out that way


It'll be interesting what the TV ratings in Canada are for this game.
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


Tonight has to be the night for the Jets?

Lyle B. Style

Like I said before - Jets will mount a titanic struggle but the combination of jittery nerves, facing a big goalie in Monster Rinne and obvious superior coaching in Violet vs. Maurice gives Preds the edge.


Jets winning in reg. time -   3/10
Preds winning in reg. time - 6/10
Preds winning in OT          - 1/10


If the Jets score first they win for sure.

Lyle B. Style

If the Jets score first they win for sure.
Hope so. But all indications are the Jets might come out of the chute like gang-busters but pelt Rinne with lots of shots - from the perimeter. In other words - pad-thumpers.

Last game - Nash scored the opening goal by a fluke - guy was falling down, his stick was over his shoulders but NOT over the crossbar. Goal counts on the challenge!

If Jets somehow score the opener - Preds will push and bully to the Jets crease - sucking the Jets into penalties galore - leading to power-plays - and the Preds will score at least one - if they get three odd man advantages!

Anyways, that's the way I see it. Ready for history to play out . . . .

Lyle B. Style

The beautiful and knowledgeable Cassie Campbell just revealed Jets 3rd line centre Adam Lowry is banged up - but playing. Obviously not at the same vigorous and rambunctious pace he usually does but playing nevertheless.

Patrik Laine and Nik Ehlers - the jets top 2 euros also playing with assorted nicks, bruises, sprains and pains - - - - which accounts for Laine being off his game and shooting like he's got Donald Trump arms (aka short). Ehlers is a power-skater but he's doing laps around the perimeter of the oval like all speed skaters, refusing to get his nose dirty. Failing!

Don't like Sheryl Crow - but she gave the star spangled banner everything she had - and more. Well done! Better than that trio who botched things up last time in N-Ville!

Lyle B. Style

Anyone know the reason Chris Cuthbert has been taken off the hockey broadcasts?

Lyle B. Style

Laine loses puck in his feet - looks like Shrek out there with the goat beard - only Shrek more mobile on skates!!!

Lyle B. Style

Copp takes the obligatory 2 minutes for frustration penalty on Winnipeg


Anyone know the reason Chris Cuthbert has been taken off the hockey broadcasts?
He works for TSN.  Rogers is broadcasting all of these games.

EDIT: You mean the American broadcast, in which case I have no idea  :).  My bad. 

Lyle B. Style

Jets sure could use Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg & Ulfie Nilson tonite. 3 guys who never let us down and always scored no matter if god was in the other net.

Laine & Ehlers are basically nervous children and hockey nellies out there. Laine's stick allergic to the puck thus far! NOT A GOOD EARLY SIGN!

Lyle B. Style

Good sign - Jets have survived almost the first 7 minutes of 1st period.

Lyle B. Style

Jets score a marvellous lucky-leaker to open scoring. Will they change their battle plan?


Jets are flying and are rewarded with an early goal.
Go Jets Go.

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