You didn't really think I'd miss the rare opportunity to say........

Woo-hoo! A four game sweep for the Jays!

Another great start for a pitcher. Estrada this time going 6 innings only allowing 2 runs. 

Suddenly their bats came alive too. 19 hits, 13 runs!  Didn't see that coming. 

Another 3 hits for Grichuk too - whose average was .103 on June 1 but is now up to .181. Look out Mendoza line!  lol

Lyle B. Style

3 in a row and a home series win for the first time since April.  Yay!

Some good signs of late actually. With Sanchez getting into the 7th inning today only giving up 2 runs that is now six consecutive excellent starts by Jays pitchers. Prior to today's good start the Jays starters in the five games before today had these impressive stat lines in those five starts - two those against the Yankees..

ERA - 0.86
Opponents batting average - .155

Also the D suddenly is looking good with several good plays today and there are some signs of life in some players bats.  Eg. Grichuk is suddenly hot and his average over the last 7 gamess has gone from .103 up to .157. Grichuk is hitting .389 with six extra-base hits — three homers, three doubles — over his last five games.

On the Vladdy watch potential bad news. He's been put on the 7 day DL and is having his knee examined at the Jays Dunedin training facility.
Jays pretty much swept a AAA team (AAA w/ one superstar in Manny Machado) so I wouldn't put too much stock in the sweep - even needed to coax a bases-loaded walk in extra innings to slither by MLB's worst team!
As for Vladdy - read somewhere he's now out for 4 weeks or more - pretty much the end of the minor league regular season. I'd pretty much put the focus on Vladdy in terms of rehabbing his knee, working some DH with the Jays once they're verified out of contention (possibly as early as late July, early August)

Wouldn't really stress the youngster out - just to satisfy a few thousand hungry fans. Freeze him - keep him away from some of the negativity that besets the Jays (having 4 batters under .200 in the starting lineup will do that to you) and keep his development arc blazing - albeit a bit limited given the injury!


 We will see how the series sweep carries over the Jays... but winning feels good, no matter which team(s) you defeat... so I guess you are done mourning after the Jets playoff exit Lyle?... so now you can dump on Toronto...haters gonna hate, eh Lyle?


The good news - the Jays next three games are against a team that has lost 9 of their last 10.  The bad news - those games are @ the Rays - and for whatever reason the Jays have almost always played terrible there. Even when a good team the Jays have struggled to win games at Tropicana Field.   

FYI - The Guerrero Jr injury has been diagnosed as a strained patella that will keep him out at least a month.


Strained patella, you don't hear about this one often.  All the best to him on this.

I know the patella though can be a real pain in the ars... I was born with a dual lobed patella, bipartite patella,  essentially two patellas, right leg, and this leg to the patella not tracking right in the joint causing severe chondramallcia (grinding and wearing down of the bones and articular cartilage) and a lot of swelling, water on the knee.  I had an operation done by the late Dr. Jack Kennedy, who was the Canadian Olympic ski orthopaedic surgeon, and he removed a lot of the patella so it would track better.  Operation turned out to be a success, much less water on the knee afterwards but the rehab took a few months to get it back working again and the muscles back to near normal and pain involved in the rehab was something to deal with.

"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


This is bad news for baseball fans.  Ohtani may need Tommy John Surgery and be gone for a year or more.

Shohei Ohtani's rookie season is likely over.
ESPN's Pedro Gomez reported early Monday morning the Los Angeles Angels expect Ohtani to undergo Tommy John surgery and miss the remainder of the 2018 season and the entire 2019 season.
"Everything I'm hearing is that the reality is, he probably will need Tommy John surgery. ... The earliest we might see him, should he have TJ surgery, would be the 2020 season."

oo DAWG oo

I'll be at tomorrows game so not sure who to cheer on ...
Mostly been cheering on the Rays seeing as they are the closest team to me.
(Same as lightning in hockey)
I'll always have a spot for Toronto but this is home now
Wish the jays would relocate here then I'd be all set Jax Jays has a good ring to it  ;D

Watching the game that steak n shake sign in center field makes me want some take out..

Go Rays


And right on cue - as usual the Jays make the Rays look like world beaters at Tropicana Field. Only 10,000 and change the announced attendance.  Ouch!

Lyle B. Style

Plunge back into darkness. Gibby looked particularly disengaged tonite - was totally pre-occupied taking on his nightly pail of zotes (aka sunflower seeds)

oo DAWG oo

And right on cue - as usual the Jays make the Rays look like world beaters at Tropicana Field. Only 10,000 and change the announced attendance.  Ouch!
Slow time of year in Tampa...
Actually the best time to visit

oo DAWG oo

Glad i went to yesterdays game

Poor Jays 


Dawg - I tell you - Tropicana Field is a place the Jays go to die.  Glad I was working today and didn't waste anytime watching that one. 


Strained patella, you don't hear about this one often.
I know the patella though can be a real pain in the ars...
I like to spread some patella on my bread every now and then, but sometimes its too chocolaty and I recently heard there's barely any hazelnuts in it at all


Gibbons sums up how the Jays almost always play at Tropicana Field. 

We're just horse sh*t down here

oo DAWG oo

Gibbons sums up how the Jays almost always play at Tropicana Field.

We're just horse sh*t down here
Dunedin is just down the road ...we can beat the jays there if they like  ;D

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