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Don't even bother watching the new fantastic bour

I mean, for starters, how is sue storms brother johnny black??

(1) Adoption
(2) Bi-racial parents
(3) Because it is movie and they liked the actor

If that was the biggest problem with the movie they would be happy and making a lot more money; but from what I read it is WAY down the list.

I am a stickler for sticking to the way the comics were originally written andor the way they were in the 60s and 70s.

I also don't like how they keep redoing the same movies with different actors.  I wish the comic companies would not allow it.  There should be only one spiderman, one hulk, one batman (Christian bale), one fantastic four group, one xmen, one wolverine, etc.

Nice sentiment but the comic companies themselves significantly change characters; for example:
* Green Lantern has been  Hal Jordan then Guy Gardner ... John Stewart ... Kyle Rayner ... Simon Baz
* Hal Jordan became the uber-villain Parallax and now has left the corps but with a Green lantern power glove
* The FF has had alternative members at various points
* The "Ultimate Spiderman" is now black/hispanic
* Otto Octavious took over Spiderman's body for a couple of years

Under your ideal there would never have been a Christian Bale Batman.

I just ask that they make the movies well and I curse Fox for the FF movies (ALL of them) and don't totally like what Sony has done with peter Parker.  As for DC/Warner Brothers, not mush to lie so far except for the Bale Batmans.
Let's  not confuse FACTS with OPINIONS


Unbreakable (2001):

I've seen it many times and I love it. So well done. So well paced. So well written and acted. In a world of over the top movies, Unbreakable is underwhelming in a good way. I just love it.



The Visit (2015) :

What the hell was that? I just came from M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit and I'm not sure what I just watched. Did I just watch a terrific horror movie and a future cult classic or a piece of junk put together by a first time film maker?

After loving Unbreakable and really enjoying The Sixth Sense, I was also expecting Night's patented twist. It turns out that the twist is that there is no twist and everything (and I mean everything) is telegraphed in the trailer(s). Well, everything other than one end of film misdirection that you see coming a mile away.

On the positive side, Ed Oxenbould was terrific and Olivia DeJonge was very good. As were Peter McRobbie as the creepy grandfather and Deanna Dunagan as the crazy (sexy) grandmother. I was scared and on the edge of my seat thru almost the entire second half of the movie - as were the others in the theatre.

The documentary, hand held stuff really took away from the movie so I'm torn between a 2 (it was bad) and an 8 (it was literally a fun, scary, House of Horrors). I'm not sure how to rate this movie so I will give it 6 question marks out of 10.



Sicario (2015) :

In Sicario, the U.S. government turns to the Dark Side to attack the Mexican Drug Trade. The story grabs you early as the agents travel to Mexico to pick up a drug kingpin. The scenes that follow, thru the streets of Mexico and back to the U.S., are shockingly effective and the best part of the film. That doesn't mean the rest of the movie isn't terrific. It is. It's just that the retrieval is so well done, so scary, so intense, it is hard (impossible?) for the rest of the film to maintain that pace.

Josh Brolin is good as the Big Dog in a group of alpha males that would put an NFL team to shame. Emily Blunt is also good as the cop who thinks she's tough but doesn't know what tough is. Benicio del Toro is amazing as Keyser Söze.

The film could have easily relied on clichés - including the final seen which (thankfully) doesn't. Instead, it's a darkly cynical look at the drug war facing the U.S. and not for the faint of heart. In the end, Sicario left me exhausted and thankful I don't live anywhere near the Mexican border.

8.5 / 10


I watched this movie about a bus that had to speed around the city, keeping its speed over fifty, and if its speed dropped below fifty, it would explode! I can't seem to remember the title, but I think it was called, “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.”

RedandWhite're quite right EVM, however true movie buffs will remember the original title was "Hello, is this the LA Metro complaint department!? well, the #33 Downtown Express just went whizzing past my stop!" was meant to be a homage to "Its' a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" but it did not sit well with a test audience so the title was shortened to "The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down" when it premiered at Cannes in 1994...
There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.


(*Book Review*)

The Martian :

The Martian is about a good natured astronaut who's abandoned on MARS when he's presumed dead by his party.  Mark Watney spends the next 1.5 years of his life trying to survive on the Red Planet while waiting for help.  On the positive side, he is very smart and remarkably adaptive.  On the negative side, MARS is no country for old (or young) men and it keeps trying to kill him.

The Martian is a lot of fun and even tho we are given extensive(!) details on what Mark needs to do to survive, the book is funny and a real page turner. It was hard to put down.  My only reservation... Mr. Watney is a little too likable and good natured.  If I as abandoned 55,000,000 km away from  home, I'd be pissed.  Mark isn't even annoyed.

The movie came out a little too close to my completion of the book so I'll wait for the DVD.  As for the book, it was a terrific, insightful read...



The Imitation Game (2014) :

After watching The Imitation Game, I was left with a hollow feel.  The movie, about the code breaking of the Nazi Enigma Machine by mathematician Alan Turing (who is trying to hide his homosexuality), should have been deeply moving/involving but it's not.  The film has a overly dramatic feel - which is surprising given the weighty subject matter.  The film feels phony (in the last scene with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, you can see the movie makeup caked on their faces), over done and empty.  I was hoping for something more but I was disappointed.



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I just finished the Prison Break series. They made a movie. Really good and they are making a new season in 2016!

I watched that series Green.  I loved it.  Great acting, intense drama and the pace was excellent.  Each episode made me thirst for more.  I'll have to watch the movie. I've not seen it yet.

Now…in contrast….

I have been trying to remain interested in Madam Secretary starring Téa Leoni but it's getting more and more difficult.   If a movie is ever made based on the television series I hope they have someone else in the leading role.  Téa Leoni cannot act.  More accurately she overacts.  This was a terrible role to cast her in.  Every task she takes on appears to be monumental.  She walks around looking stressed out and suffering from constipation.   She walks around looking like she is just exhausted and doesn't know where to turn.  If she were ever asked to portray someone trying to take a pee in the bathroom I'm sure she would make it look like a monumental national crisis.  

I am serious.  During the first several episodes I could not put my finger on it and then I realized that she's always overacting, regardless of the scene.  If that is the way she's directed to act then the series needs to get a new director.

I've tried getting used to watching Bebe Neuwirth who plays Leoni's chief assistant but whenever I see her I still see "Lilith" from the Cheers days when she played opposite Fraser Crane [Kelsey Grammer].

Another shortcoming of the series is that the support staff in Leoni's office act like they are in 1st year college and they look that way too.  They act childish or at the very least immature.  Leoni almost appears to be a den mother rather than the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State is regarded as one of the 4 most important cabinet positions in government.  It is considered as important as  the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, and the Attorney General.  Surely, surrounding this position and supporting it would be highly skilled and experienced personnel.  That simply is not the case.

What this series needs is a female actress that exudes power while not compromising the fact that she is a woman.  
Julianna Margulies [Alicia Florrick] who stars in The Good Wife first comes to mind.  She can play a woman who is in a powerful position.  Leoni simply can't.  

Sandra Bullock, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon, Jodie Foster all come to my mind as well.[ not in any particular order]  All of these actresses are accomplished and are believable when they act. They are power actresses.  

If a movie called Madam Secretary is ever made I hope they choose one of the above for the lead role.  I will be surprised if Madam Secretary is still running in the next couple of seasons.


Scary Movie 3 :

I'm embarrassed to say I laughed...  A LOT!  And, while I've never watched the TV show "Mom" (and never will), I was very impressed with Anna Faris' comic timing.

I have no choice but to give this movie a positive rating...



Scary Movie 4 :

The opening scene with Shaq and Dr. Phil was really funny. The rest was a big step down from Scary Movie 3.



The Act of Killing (2012 Documentary):

The Act Of Killing is a 2012 documentary about the (now) old men who led killing squads during the Indonesian Killings of 1965/66 - approximately 500,000 were killed. The film interviews Anwar Congo, Adi Zulkadry and their fellow killers - "Today, Anwar is revered by the right wing of a paramilitary organization Pemuda Pancasila that grew out of the death squads" (from Wikipedia). While Anwar is haunted by the ~1,000 people he killed, the other killers either:

* Distance themselves from their actions;
* Are indifferent to their acts;
* Wear their crimes as a badge of honour/pride and brag about their killing and raping of men, women and children.

The reaction of the people of Indonesia is fascinating/disgusting as they pay homage to these men and their deeds.

The Act Of Killing is unlike anything you've seen and the winner of many awards.



Ex Machina :

I have no idea how to review this movie without giving something away - so I won't.  

I am not a science-fiction guy but I enjoyed it.



Slingshot (2014 Documentary):

There is an old saying... No one ever lies on their death bed and thinks, "You know, I wish I'd spent more time at the office".

Don't tell that to Inventor Dean Kamen.

I enjoyed this documentary about a genius whose goal in life is to make the world a better place by providing clean drinking water to everyone. Well that AND building a time machine. All the power to him.



History Of The Eagles (2013 Documentary) :

The music was great.
The story was really interesting.
Don Henley is a self absorbed *******.  
Glenn Frey makes Don Henley look like Mother Theresa.

3+ hours went by in a blink...


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