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It is laughable that people actually are so naive to believe that those funds would actually be used in such a manner. Where I come from, my tax dollars are usually squandered on pay raises for cronies and attorney's fees caused by a never-ending cycle of litigation caused by a group of county commissioners and city council members whose every decision seems to end up in a lawsuit. Meanwhile, our streets are laden with potholes, our downtown is a bunch of vacant storefronts, and drug dealers run amok with impunity. Excuse me if I am a little cynical, but if it's like this in a small size city like mine, then just how bad is it in a larger metropolis.
Hey I'm in PA too on the Eastern side in Greater Philadelphia. What you state is often the case not just in PA in the US, but in Canada I would think things would be different to at least some degree in these regards.

Let's hear them out on this. So far it sounds more like the funds are not being allocated at all in the first place, so any corruption would be amiss as would be any benefits to the local community.

I'm interested in hearing more how any funds promised to benefit the local community are being used or if not what is happening to them.
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Up here a lot less money allowed in politics so for the most part less corrupt than what you guys often see in the USA - since let's face it - money in politics often corrupts. But certainly not corruption free up here.   Plus we are much less litigious than you guys down there tend to be.  

Here in Hamilton - we had some NASTY potholes this winter because of the terrible freeze thaw pattern we were having. But along of stretch of Main Street in front of the McMaster campus where it got so bad city busses were detouring off their regular routes to avoid the worst stretches - the city councill managed to come up with some emergency funding to repave about a kilometer long section one weekend about a month ago.  Now smooth sailing.

The thousands of car owners who use that main drag were undoubtedly thankful.


btharner, I do get your point that funds for different things stay as different things and it doesn't mean that if you vote agains't say hosting the Olympics means your hospitals, education, potholes etc. would be any better off.  I get it that if you say know to federal money, you won't get it for these necessities.  Fair enough.  But it does mean if you win the contest to host, your local government will be putting money into the Games and you want to be sure that the facilities that are built will help the community with also things like improvement to roads and transportation say as part of the upgrades to the Games and as well perhaps even some money into other community projects that might have something to do with the Games like housing built for the Games that can be used afterwards for low income people of the community.
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Bid nearly dies today but survives a vote to keep working on it 9-6.

IMO, even if at the end of the day council decides not to bid today's vote was unnecessary.

They just approved the creation of a bid corp. last month with both Federal and Provincial dollars. Not bright to turn that money down.

Next step the bid. co works on the numbers in greater detail to see if a case can be made to be done in June.

Then, a Plebiscite would need to occur for the province to fund the games. Best to let the taxpayers have a say.


Thread bump time.

Calgary has one less competitor in hosting the games.

Defeated in referendum with nearly 54% voting no.

Sapporo may end up deferring to go for 2030 instead which leaves the field essentially down to 5.

Calgary city council to formally decide later this month with a peblicite to be done likely in November.


I have NO problem contributing to a Calgary WINTER Olympics.

Happy to do it.  Hope they win.
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