Makes me think that every CFL logo should now include a maple leaf for now on, just stick it in there perhaps at least some of the time.  I don't see many people at all wearing a CFL league cap but in Hamilton yes some TigerCats caps of course (still way more here in Hamilton with Blue Jays caps) but with a maple leaf added on to each CFL team's logo, hmmm, could work:

The Blue Jays’ Original Logo Declared the 2nd Best Baseball Logo by Todd Radom
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV

The Last Word

If they drop out of contention there will be a drop-off in all those things. I'm just not sure how much - how fast. And the fan in me hopes we never find out because they surprise us and contend.  

I for one have been surprised by the last few weeks of TV ratings for the Jays as reported by Numeris in their weekly Top 30 report. As I think I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago I really thought 500,000 - 600,000 would be the norm the rest of the season with the odd game against a team like the Yankees possibly in the 750,000 range now that they were out of contention.

But the Numeris reports of the 25 or so games from mid-August to September 10th they were still averaging in the 800,000 range overall. That is quite remarkable IMO.
I am going to guess attendance will fall by 5-6000 per game next year, that is if the team can hover around .500 in the first half to keep hopes alive for the 2nd wild card.  If they are terrible for the entire 1st half and clearly out of the picture, I could see the average crowds dropping by 10,000 per game for an average around 30,000 or so.  Rogers and management have told the public that they want to keep the team "competitive" whatever that means.  In the eyes of fans that means competing for a playoff spot.  In Rogers' eyes it might mean a 70 - 75 win season, not a terrible team by any means (55- 65 wins) but not one that is really competing for the post season.

I think management will once again try to fill holes with "value" signings similar to Pearce and Morales next year :P hoping for a full healthy season from Donaldson, another strong season from Smoak, continued steady play from Pillar and Martin, 100+games from Travis, 120+ games from Tulo and a return to even his 2016 version which was at least decent...perhaps some decent production from a guy like Alford who will hopefully provide more of a positive contribution than the likes of Bautista.

I actually wouldn't mind if the Jays took a chance and signed Brett Lawrie who was curiously unsigned this past season despite never living up to his potential still had a positive WAR or 1.3 last season.  Maybe he is clubhouse distraction?  If not or the Jays think they can reign him in, he would be a good backup at 2nd base or even 3rd - a utility infielder handy for when the inevitable injuries happen or useful on rest days for the starters.  Certainly a better option than the likes of Barney or Goins and given he has little leverage at this point, could be signed quite cheap.
I will stand by the bolded for the remainder of the year.  We are not even through 1/4 of the season but the Jays are slipping fast.  I was right about the "value signings" as well.  Garcia, Diaz, Gruchuk and Solarte.  Solarte has turned out to be pretty good so far!  However the season is long.

The Last Word

One thing that will not help attendance is Rogers ridiculous increase in ticket prices between 7-12% for next season.  This after substantial increases this past season.  The stadium is already too big - I expect them to downsize the number of seats whenever these renovations happen - and there is a surplus of tickets available on the secondary market for dirt cheap prices.  Why for example buy a cheap seat for $20+ dollars when the team will probably be out of it by August of next year, when you can buy a seat on Stubhub for $6?
I will stand by this as well.  Price increases have had an effect as well as I predicted.  Seats near the foul poles in the Red Sox series are selling for over $90 each! :o  Ridiculous. 

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