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What's Wrong with Darian Durant - TSN's Thoughts

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Jock and Milt feel its all in his head/confidence.  However they are split on whether Willy should start next game.

Johnny Ticat slayer:
The circus he is in, is enough to rob a player of their confidence. That is what an unstable and chaotic environment, like that of the Als does to some players.

Others simply stop caring, or play selfishly. 

Darian, keeps using the word "we" when asked about his poor play. That is not what a leader does. Montreal fans won't put up with this mediocrity any longer. Kavis has already lost most of the fans support and most of the media's support, interestingly after firing the first French Canadian HC in the team's history. The Anglophone media has been the most direct in its criticism. That comes as a surprise to me. I guess Boivin has a lot of pull.

Iconic SR:
You make some solid points, particularly how Durant doesn't use the term 'we' - unless it's about poor play. Whenever something positive occurs (like the game 1 victory over the Riders) he makes it all about him, despite the fact that win occurred due to a missed FG and his play was mediocre. Durant's ego is catching up with him sadly and he's not displaying any leadership characteristics that a $500K QB needs to provide. Another good point you make is how Kavis Reed is pushing the problems downhill. Chapdelaine is the fall guy here. Lots of problems in Montreal.

I was ok with the Durant "experiment" as long as we kept grooming our young Quarterbacks. First Bridge, then Cato and finally when the fans were starting to DEMAND that Vernon is given a shot because of the poor play of Durant. Kavis made sure to eliminate that possibility. I hold Calvillo and Chapdelaine responsible for being complicit in allowing Kavis gutting our young QBs and utter failures at developing young Quarterbacks after the team had invested heavily in them.

Calvillo has been a massive disappointment to me as a coach... Chris Jones now has 3 of our last year's quarterbacks and is on his way to make the postseason! Might even be by knocking the Als out of a seat in the East division! Toronto who finished dead last in the league last year I believe is fighting for the division with players Kavis Reed discarded!

Reed has been a disaster and IMO the last nail in the coffin of CFL football in Montreal.


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