Yeah, the way they posted this article was a little old school.

But is an amazing resource on the history of the league and players.
Thanks Ideal for sharing.


On the flip side, $6 million in corporate sponsorship prior to Lalonde then dipping to $2.5.

Smith may have been promoting himself and not so good in the office day to day, but I do recall that there were several big companies logo's in and around the stadium.  Yellow Pages, Hydro, Casino de Montreal, Telus....
The article says that 6 million was in 2007, that's 4 years before Lalonde was even hired. Keep in mind the source =This was the Als justifying the sacking... Business wise the best period in that team's history was 1999 to 2004. That is a real long time ago when you think about it.

The League making the deal with TSN for all rights including RDS, I think had more to do with the drop in sponsorship. A lot of these sponsors were with the league already, Subway, CN... They were paying the Als because the Als owned the RDS TV contract, Once RDS became part of the National TV deal, these companies didn't need two sponsorship deals anymore. 

Wetenhall with the exception of the honeymoon period with Larry Smith the first few years, never really got along with any of his top executives running this team.

Anyone remember Skip Prince... Sacked, Lalonde sacked, Smith2 Sacked, Weightman sacked...
Everything I write is just an opinion formed from various sources. Some more reliable than others, it is expressed as a composite of facts, innuendos, emotions, personal experiences and complete fabulation into a gumbo for entertainment purposes alone.


While we go through our annual QB struggles, there is some satisfaction looking at what is going on with our friends the Argoettes.

They have probably the league`s next star QB in Franklin after losing another elite QB in Ray, yet are starting 3 certainly not elite National receivers (Noel, Ralph, Williams) to pair with SJ Green and Armanti Edwards. Kind of like owning a Ferarri and only taking it for spins in school zones.

The Argos are now 1-3, and their scoring output has been 19-7-20-15. We of course remember Jim Popp repeating that you need to score 30 points to win in the CFL.

Maybe we can trade them Ernest Jackson.  :)
I`m not always right, I just think I am.


... Maybe we can trade them Ernest Jackson.  :)

Not even asking what we get.
Let's  not confuse FACTS with OPINIONS

Johnny Ticat slayer

Herb Tweeted the Als have released DB Jermaine Robinson. Okay, now what about Ernest Jackson?! How does he still have a job?  ::)
"Shut up Wesley!"   Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Stardate 42354.7


Herb Tweeted the Als have released DB Jermaine Robinson. Okay, now what about Ernest Jackson?! How does he still have a job?  ::)
Ernest! La mode qui bouge pas!

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