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The reality is Ottawa has THE WEAKEST defense in the league, they didn't cause a turnover in four games ! Als gave them four in a half of football.

Durant is supposed to be an experienced game manager but so far he's only played well when he's behind. Can't give the guy credit for production when he blows games on his own.

Tons of money on this roster wasted on players who were discarded or are too old and weak to play. Most of them old buddies of Kavis Reed from his failed time in Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

Same old, same old Montreal picking up a couple upset wins at home against far traveling western teams and getting beaten in four point division games.

Any coincidence that the Esks turned things around once Reed was gone?


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Can you name me,HfxTC, the signed buddies of Kavis Reed when he was in Saskatchewan and Edmonton, beside Jacory Harris?

Yes, the Als,as all other teams,have made bad moves or decisions in the past and present but they are doing the outmost to have a winning team. Good moves have been made,particularly in the last 2 years; some are:

Firing of Jim Popp
Hiring of Patrick Boivin as President and CEO
Hiring of Kavis Reed as GM
Naming Catherine Raîche as Asst. GM to football operations
Hiring of Jacques Chapdelaine as Head Coach
Agreement with Management of Stade Olympique to have,effective in 2017, practices there.
Drafting/signing/trading of/for:
DB Chris Ackie
OL Philip Blake
LB Brandon Dozier
QB Darian Durant
G Philippe Gagnon
DB Greg Henderson
WR Ernest Jackson
WR Eugene Lewis
SB Nik Lewis
DB Jonathan Mincy
OT Jovan Olafioye
LB Anthony Sareo
DB Raymon Taylor
LB Dominique Tovell
DB Dondre Wright

Yes, I don't agree/did not agree with the signings or trading  or releases of /for some players -Oramasionwu,Plesius, Klassen- but I understand the moves, since Kavis and Jacques decided to have 2 Int. OT's; I am sure that corrections will occur in the next weeks/month.

As we say "Quand je me regarde je me désole quand je me compare je me console"  Some teams are in a worse situation than the Als. The Als can and will compete will all other CFL teams. There are still 13 games to go and as I wrote before I did not agree with all the moves made; nevertheless I will always try to be constructive and positive. Others may choose another route/venue but we are in a free country and they are free to say what they want. Me, I prefer to construct than to demolish.


And I will wait until the end of the season (maybe sooner if they continue with the losing ways) on Reed and Chaps as positive moves.
I was not in favor of either one of them being hired. And Reed is the one who has changed the roster so he will get the praise or the fire depending on what happens.


The Als are a competitive team this year, they are clearly better prepared than in 2016. This makes their games more interesting to watch.

I will say this about Durant however: when you are a highly paid veteran, you're not allowed to make rookie mistakes like he did in this game. You must protect the ball and avoid interceptions. If you can't do that, might as well save the big bucks and start Adams. Personally I've seen enough. The interception he caused in the end zone was an underthrown ball, and resulted in a 13 point differential. The fumble he made while being tackled was just trying too hard to make a play. These are rookie mistakes.


Bc has already invested alot of time in Jennings, whats the Vegas bookies saying Lulay traded to Montreal in the offseason
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