Bob Wetenhall: Amazing owner
Andrew Wetenhall: BS artist and disengenuine
Cath Raich: Smart but Entitled, ungrateful 
Kavis Reed: Wasn't buying the Kavis

All in all a rare to the point view of the mess this team is in.
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Niagara Als

These were
interesting comments from Joey Abrams former assistant GM. I was disappointed some many months ago that Abrams was not offered the GM position as he had so faithfully served Popp for many years. I was hoping that the interview would have been longer as Abrams did hint at some differing points of view with respect to the Als organization. Although he had hired Raiche for a Summer intern position he felt she was not equipped  enough with football knowledge  and, was thus not hired for a full time position. Certainly Abrams and Reed did not see eye to eye on team matters. Abrams did want the GM position of the team but, inferred that the owner's son, nor Reed, gave him the message that they preferred his application. He then gave the team his desire to quit and, was happy with his decision. He had praise for owner Bob Wetenhall for his devotion to Montreal football. Abrams gave warning that he believes the Als should refrain from considering Manzel for employment. His experience suggests that Manzel would just bring his personal baggage to the team and, interpersonal conflicts would surely disrupt team operations.


Joey's interview confirms pretty much everything fans have been saying about this organization. It has been taken over by opportunistic liars who have claimed positions they are not qualified for and have not earned.

You also have to wonder how long Kavis was planting the "seeds" to install himself as GM while he worked for Popp who had hired him after no one would touch him.

A year later the Fake GM still lives in Edmonton, still does not speak French and has surrounded his new HC with his own buddies. (Jones, Stubler, Carter and Donovan who is the President's buddy). Sherman is surrounded :)

I have no idea if Joey was good at his job but the reality on the ground, Popp has not hired him, yet anyway, which may speak to that. Also he was replaced by Joe Mack and Cath Raiche... One should be retired, the other was not ready for the position and now is already gone. Evidence is right there that the Als are further behind with Joey and his network (His brother is GM of the Giants and appears to be ready to sign Belichek) While the Als have essentially replaced a young dynamic up and comer with Sleepy Joe.


Kevin Abrams is not Joey`s brother, and he is only the Assistant GM of the Giants. :) 
I`m not always right, I just think I am.


Kevin Abrams is not Joey`s brother, and he is only the Assistant GM of the Giants. :)
Interesting piece.
Thanks for pointing out the facts here Idealsheldon

Niagara Als

I do know that Reed's career was not great in  Edmonton. I am aware that Reed was hired in Montreal to hopefully regenerate special teams. This portion of STs did improve for the Als but it was Logan's effort which greatly improved ST with his ability to return kicks and Bede's length of kicks was also did improve his ST portion. There certainly has been conflict in the team's management. Hopefully these guys will put an end to the bickering and, attend to the huge work in front of them to put a decent team in operation in time for the training camp this Spring.

Johnny Ticat slayer


Bob Wetenhall: Amazing owner      Used to be. What has he done lately?
Andrew Wetenhall: BS artist and disengenuine      Sounds about right.
Cath Raich: Smart but Entitled, ungrateful      Millenials  ::)
Kavis Reed: Wasn't buying the Kavis      Only Kavis buys Kavis.

All in all a rare to the point view of the mess this team is in.
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