I wouldn't mind seeing the Phillip's signature R with two bloody axes it made the R look a little less College or Riverdale High Schoolish  just my opinion .

I would like to see a throw back look for a game or two each year with the single R but move on to the new era with a more bold and violent football statement fulltime with the teams new name and meaning behind it being crazy Ottawa Valley Lumberjack's plaid somewhere and blood stained  R  .


Time to put a big R on the helmet. The R they have now looks too puny and weak.
Knock Em Cold, In the Cold ! (Jack Gotta circa 1973)


I wonder when they will use a red helmet instead of the white one .
There was a man who had nothing to hide so he didn\'t care about privacy and I knew another who had nothing to say so he didn\'t care about free speech .


I detest the white helmets...  whoever designed this obviously thought the team was called the 'WHITEblacks'... what a joke!


Quote from: "seamack3"
I detest the white helmets...  whoever designed this obviously thought the team was called the 'WHITEblacks'... what a joke!

I agree. They remind me of big off-white cue balls. Get rid of them.


ok, Thanks for the info,
looking forward


Quote from: "bobo82"
how about this for a look ? I mean if the Stamps can wear black helmets then what's stopping you guys  from wearing  red helmets with your white signature "R" ?  8) Just picture this helmet alongside a black based jersey with white numbers,red trim and interchangeable alternating red and/or white pants with black piping. I think it would look sharp and would  definitely scream and say we are the REDBLACKS !!! :)  

 Red Helmet doesn't look that bad.


The colours are Red and Black and I prefer the Black helmets.   Why do they need white helmets?   one helmet only - black.
The Stamps colours are Red and White,  they should be wearing either red or white helmets not black.
What's next the green and white Riders wearing black helmets?


Time to renew my yearly request to "Bring Back the Rough Riders Uniforms & Helmets"


If this is my team, I wouldn't change a thing as long as they are winning. Don't jinx it.

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