I heard this week that for the Edmonton Esks semi- final game that they gave over 5000 tickets to minor football for that game at little or no cost to the players . With an announced attendance at just over 26,000-
That leaves only 20,000 paying excited customers .  When you factor in it was the green riders as their opponents  there had to be at minimum 2 or 3,000 rider fans who came out of the  woodwork or made the trip
Over from Sask.  What that leaves us with 17-18,000 Esk fans for a playoff game .  I looked back,over the last 10 years and the 26,000 is the lowest attendance in the west for a semi- final game. If it would have been the Bombers or Lions playing instead of the Riders would we have had 15,000 plus 5,000 free tickets to minor football.  Wow this is a sad state of affairs - we could agree that the president has not done his job- this is Edmonton we are talking about not the Riders back East with the Glinermans leading of past years-  I really think it's time for a football  guy who knows how to promote to become president and not someone who sold hockey equipment - let's not blame the weather or the hemroids. of old season ticket holders - time for a change - we have heard enough excuses from the President.
The once proud Esks  have gone from the Palace to the Outhouse in a short time - when other clubs are on the rise - the Esks are in a steady decline with the fans and interest in the city - it must be turned around - the Esks may have the least amount of young vibrant fans then any other city - that tells us something .


I believe they still led the league in attendance, lower than usual attendance is certainly a concern but not jumping off building material.


There are alot of contributing factors to falling attendance all over the CFL. One factor is every year  CFL fans become older and are not being replaced. Another reason is tickets have increased in price much quicker than inflation. Anothe reason is the NFL has a much better product now, and the CFL's product has been in decline for almost a decade now and seen a huge decline this season.
Rogers has lost tens of million on the NFL, hundreds of millions on the Blow Jays, and are now losing billions on the NHL TV deal, yet refuse to get involved with the Argos, who will be profitable in just over 1 year. SCREW ROGERS!!


It was a bad season all over not just Edmonton but that has to be a major concern that a team that had a good season like the Esks couldn't pull in the fans for a playoff.     Also the major concern for the CFL is the attendance way down in Toronto and down in Montreal.    Play on the field was not good,   TV ratings down.    Playoff attendance down,  playoff TV ratings down,  Grey Cup tickets were slow to sell.
 On the positive side  the new stadiums in Ottawa and Hamilton have sparked interest in both cities.     Hamilton shouldn't have a problem filling THF after their great finish and with the "official"  opening of the new stadium next season.
Ottawa won't have a problem but they have to hope they can win a lot more games and keep the fans interested.

The challenge for the CFL is going to try to figure out how to make the product on the field more exciting and get fans back in the stands.    They also have to hope their TV ratings don't drop again if they want to attract advertisers.    The sponsors look at trends.
Don't know what more that individual teams can do,  they seem to doing a good job of marketing.


I thought we all agreed it was old man winter's fault for making it too cold for everybody everywhere in the playoffs?


I did look back on previous season's games late in the season the attendance tends to be lower. So it may be likely do to the extreme cold weather. Where in this day people would rather not freeze their butts off and watch on TV. I also thought about the extremes of cold weather where parents would likely not want to bring kids to the game. Even an older elderly person as well as it could be dangerous health wise. I know people may say they used to tough it out but it is a different time now.

They did mention on TSN that it was Edmonton and Calgary organizations that are the ones pushing for starting the season two weeks earlier. Mentioned also that TSN may likely be against this if trading two early season games in June for better TV ratings for fall late season games in November


Mr. Bungle wrote:
Anothe reason is the NFL has a much better product now, and the CFL's product has been in decline for almost a decade now and seen a huge decline this season

Hmm, no problem if you see it that way, I'm sure others do as well.  But guess what?  The NFL isn't putting any teams in Canada from what I can see and there are none of course, zilch.  So if people want professional football live here in Canada, then the CFL is the only product available whether it's in decline as you say or otherwise.  Does that mean people should go?  Of course not, but let's face it, and you can't disagree with this, the CFL product as televised on television and with the better TV's people now have in their homes, make it much more palatable for people to watch at home rather than spend money and go to the stadium, and in Edmonton's case it's a big stadium where the atmosphere will not be that great if people think it's only going to be half filled.  Eventually Edmonton will also build a smaller more intimate stadium like other cities in the CFL.  Even the Buffalo Bills have reduced their stadium size from 80,0000 to 70,000 over the years and that is in the "majors" NFL!

TSN is doing a great job with both the CFL.  They also air many NFL games.  It's all good.  The more people watch the NFL on TSN, that is better for Bell as well and football overall in Canada.  Combine ratings for both the CFL and NFL combined but Bell as the leader of gridiron football television broadcasting in Canada.  That is important and as I say down the road the big stadiums with 60,000 like Commonwealth built with a track will be gonzo.

The home is where it's at for most people paying for cable with perfect conditions at home, they want to get their money's worth and not double dip by also buying tickets unless they really like the live game and have lots of extra money in their lives to pay for this.  And television broadcasts of sports is only going to get better.
Anywhere is the centre of the world - Black Elk


Quote from: "Mr.Bungle"
There are alot of contributing factors to falling attendance all over the CFL. One factor is every year  CFL fans become older and are not being replaced. Another reason is tickets have increased in price much quicker than inflation. Anothe reason is the NFL has a much better product now, and the CFL's product has been in decline for almost a decade now and seen a huge decline this season.



As long as there is a Grey Cup being fought for, I'm happy, whether that means nobody attending the game live or 5 billion attending live, athletes being paid or not being paid, whatever.  It'll be on TV and the number of people in attendance is irrelevant to me.  no winkie

Also, you are paying for the game when you subscribe to cable that includes sports:

If You Don't Watch Sports, TV Is a Huge Rip-Off

Half of your cable-TV bill pays for sports channels. ... it/265814/

It's a ripoff if any league doesn't provide a discount on tickets for games if they, you the customer,  are paying for a cable channel that carries their game(s) of choice.


real football fans, through and through would have gone.  I did.
A Proud member of the Rider Nation!


Well, I will have to agree with that to a large extent, the absolute best and most dedicated fans in sports are those that even despite their financial circumstances or that the weather may not be the best in many cases, go to the games.    :thup:


That is completely untrue... In today's world the majority of fans are only causual.. They are either givin or resold tickets from a season ticket holder who is either in it for the money or who only attends a fraction of the games every year.. According to you, there is literally 100 true fans in Calgary because that is how many stuck around for the final game of the year against the Bombers... I suspect that was not the case and people are simply big girls blouse's in Calgary...,I know from working in Calgary that people are very spoiled and construction workers refuse to work in anything colder than minus 20... These same workers also refuse to work in the rain When I worked there, us BC workers quickly replaced all of the Calgary workers because despite being from a much warmer climate, we have much stiffer job competion with all of the illegal labour , and thus are not used to blowing shifts like Albertans. The head guy from Graham actually laughed while telling us the story how they had held meetings about the possibility that the BC workers would not be able to hack the winter, yet it turned out to be the complete opposite. This was the winter of 2011 which was one of the worst on record for Calgary


If you blow money you don't have to go to a football game, that's not admirable. It just makes you an idiot.
"I coach good players a lot better than I coach bad players." -Mark Nelson


Perhaps mr. Bungle should just start a "bungle" thread in the "other" option.  As talking relentlessly about your job and job related issues is of no concern and has no meaningful insight on this forum.


NFL does not post a better product now thats laughable, many games are still blow outs, I watch both leagues cause football is football to me, but to say the NFL game is now doing better game wise is garbage. The weather sucks in November this deep freeze does not help the outdoor football experience, when you can stay home and watch it on HD. I really hope the grey cup is moved to the final week of October, it will help for playoff attendance, and late game overall.

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