Lyle B. Style

Don't think I respect this June Jones dud very much - - - - maybe they'll bring January Jones in next!

Holy Mackinaw

I love this team and will continue to support it, but i'm done watching for the season. This year's squad is a flaming trainwreck and i'm tiered of yelling at my TV
I'm close to this as well.  The only other time I really stopped watching was 1996/97.  This feels worse than then.
Me as well, didn't make the 3.5 hour trek to the hammer and glad of it. We'll see what next season brings.
Holy Mackinaw (formerly Tigereye)


Yes you did.  I'm sure it's a violation of my rights and will be expecting my 10 million$ cheque from Justin promptly.


Well, this season is a wash. Lets go Buffalo!


Holy Crap!!!!! We are one really bad football team.  :'( :'( :'(

Our highest paid QB in the League is pathetic.

Thanks to @Doc_Dave for sig


I will say I am still a Zach believer.   And repeat
   2 huge egos in the room.  Will Hill. Speedy pouting.  Guys going through the motion.  It's goes way deeper than our QB imho.
The guy controlling playing time should not also be controlling contracts.  Does not work.   Bad business model. 


Good grief...just look at the final two plays of the game. Our own 35 yard line and they simply hand the ball off twice. That's what a defeated spirit does for you. They should have sent Saunders, Tyms, Tasker and Aultman way down the field and lofted the ball. If for no other reason that to show they care.
Aultman (who shows incredible promise)  gets the ball twice...29 yards the first time and then he makes a decent kick off return. And that was pretty well it for him. Where the heck was Banks? Saunders should have had twice as many balls aimed at him. Same as Tyms.  A lot of the blame goes to the O line......but Austin's play calling is hopeless.  He spent most off his time watching his QB getting hammered as soon as the ball was snapped to him. Even Masoli got hammered on a short yard play.
0-7 pretty well says it all. That's the truest reflection of what this team is.

Lyle B. Style

or Bob Caretaker turning out the lights at the end of the night singing a hobo's version of Don Meredith's infamous "Turn out the lights, the party's over!"


I love this team and will continue to support it, but i'm done watching for the season. This year's squad is a flaming trainwreck and i'm tiered of yelling at my TV
Hot garbage! Tire fire! Dumpster fire!
Austin FIRED is what it should be but it won't because winning isn't important as long as the beer is cold! Right Bob?
8)  Maybe it will get Bob and Scott's attention when they see almost a half empty stadium tonight
     and maybe only 4-5000 fans left midway through the 3rd quarter !!!    :-[ :-[

Count Floyd

It was ridiculous when they showed the empty stands on TSN late in the 4th!


I was at the games and stayed until 2 min left.  Thought I'd let the masses leave so it would be easier to get out.
One observation I had was that right from the time this team came out of the tunnel there was no enthusiasm. No excitement by the players. They seemed to not want to be there.  Then from the first drive by Winnipeg there was no emotion at all from the players on the sidelines.
I now have come to believe that Austin really has "lost the room".  If (when) we lose to the RB's, any remote chance of competing this year is gone.  Trying to find an experienced  VP, GM and coaching staff is impossible this year but the search for a new one can certainly begin now so we're ahead of the curve for next season.
We just need to accept that we are not well coached from Austin down and it is what it is for this year.
I only hope that after the bye week that we are better prepared for Labour Day.  

Lyle B. Style

Somewhere out there on a deserted California beach, Jumbo Jimbo Barker is waiting for his rotary phone to ring (long cord btw).

Hamilton needs a real football man in the executive suite. Barker is the main guy out there with CFL experience. Dave Ritchie, Marv Levy & Adam Rita are now in their 80s or 90s.

If Hammy doesn't want him I'm recommending the Wpg bombers take a look. Green as grass Gomer Kyle Walters, Stiff vs. Stubborn Mike O'Shea and Colonel Klinck Wade Miller all Canadians who while having a 5-2 season are still suspect in many areas. Barker is a silver-tongued American devil who can help find players - Walters and his stuff of stuffed ducks aren't getting full in key positions. (ie. middle linebacker, breakout WR, cornerback, etc.)


Last night, was the first time I have ever left a game early...There was still 4 mins left...I take pride in staying to the bitter end, kind of like going down with the ship. But last night was it for me. The game wasn't even enjoyable to watch.


Jim Barker VP/GM,
Drew Allemang, Shawn Burke Asst. GMs, head of canadian and american scouting respectively.
Tom Clements HC/QB coach,
Tommy Condell OC/ASST. HC
Dennis McPhee DC/DL coach
Jeff Reinbold ST Coodinator
Dennis McKnight ST assistant/OL coach
Andy Fantuz WR coach
Markeith Knowlton Defensive Assistant/LBs coach
James Stanley DBs coach
William Fields Defensive quality control
Corey Grant Offensive Assistant/Offensive Quality Control
Jon Cornish RBs coach 

Doesnt seem too bad in my fantasy world as armchair owner ;)

Lyle B. Style

It was ridiculous when they showed the empty stands on TSN late in the 4th!
Definitely! Thought there was an unwritten rule you don't show empty stands during TV broadcasts (particularly the house broadcaster) but TSN is obviously upset they won't get max ratings for shred like we saw last nite! Its a small box stadium that only hold 25,000 during regular events - so the announced crowd of 23,600 wasn't that bad. Bombers aren't a huge draw in eastern Canada to be sure. By half-time the crowd was well under 20,000 - by the start of the 4th quarter their remained around 10,000 to 12,000. During last 4 minutes - maybe 4 or 5 thousand!

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