ed ohmnes

Who cares cfl is to cheap to pay for anything,  where can you buy it > ???????

ed ohmnes

They need to get carters catch on the knew game.


I will never understand the lack of interest the BoG and Commish have towards a video game, along with the CFLPA.  It utterly BOGGLES my mind.  I mean, Canuck Play would have gotten 1 million if they received licensing, the CFL is telling me they can't AT LEAST double that with a million invested from the league?  Holy cow!  I literally think I live in a backwards universe sometimes when the CFL shoots something down.  "Let's try to reach the younger generation, but to heck with a video game!"

The league as a whole must have tens of millions in reserves, if not more, I honestly think this is ludicrous.  Good on the guy for making it, but man I'm not a fan of it not having a player editor or team editor, brutal.

The thing with the CFL and EA is that the NFL doesn't want EA to make anything other than Madden.  So heres the solution.  Approach the company that made the NFL 2k games.  Apparently more people liked that developer over EA anyways and only lost out because the NFL gave exclusive licensing to EA. 
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It boggles my mind why the CFL and its players association would not get behind this, or at least put up the resources to make a game of their own or through EA.

I went to the developer site and watched the video. It needs better graphics but beggars can not be choosers so whenever I get around to buying an Xbox (waiting for the Xbox  X), I would probably look into buying this.   For sure I would if the CFL would get behind it and support marketing their stadiums/teams/players.
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When I don't plan on watching or following my team for a while (like the als until durant goes away)I usually have a way to play them on my ps4 in one way or another, to remain engaged, to still be able to represent my team.


Formula 1



All but the CFL.

More than that, video games add exposure to new teams. I've been playing as the Nashville predators in the NHL series since 2008 and now I follow that team and buy their stuff.

I cannot count how many of my friends grew up on the CFL, bought Madden for their football fix and are now full fledged NFL fans with their favorite NFL team with no interest in the CFL.

Every year the CFL doesn't get with the program, and find some way to get a video game in stores is another year they are signaling that they don't care if the under 35 crowd continues to flock to the "cool" football down south.

And if that's the case, that's fine, but they should just be honest about it and say that they don't care about millennials  instead of some lip service about trying to grow the game with young canadians.


Just a head ups for Canadian Football 17, there are modders in the process (and likely done or close to to done) of finishing REAL rosters, jerseys and team players - along with ratings for EVERY CFL team for the game.  

This is however, only available for the PC version of the game (which sucks, i'd rather play it on Xbox, but you can't mod on consoles).

Along with this, there have been two patches released for the game to improve gameplay and I can only guess more to come later down the road.  Now if only I knew how to help mod on PC, i'd have done this after day 1.

Here are some links on some Reddit posts that some of the modders are talking about and have posted their own mods and instructions for the game:



And a picture of the Eskimos and Bombers (proof of work)


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