Argonauts est.1873

Sad crap indeed and this is what happens when non football people are hired to attempt to run a pro football franchise. Copeland and his band of flunkies is clueless. Just look at how they screwed up Grey Cup.
Rescue the sunken \'Good Ship Argonaut\' and restore her in 2017, PLEASE!!!!

Stay in Canada, spend in Canada!!!!!


Exactly. Copeland is a lawyer. Who thought he could run a team at this most important time in the franchise's existence?

I'm jealous of what Ottawa has.

Argonauts est.1873

At least we know there's still hope one day as people said football wouldn't work in Ottawa again. We can't an ownership group that hires unqualified fools to run the show. I can't wait to see who the new GM is and how long it takes to hire them. It's such a farce.

Liquor Kitty

They'll put Vulcan Spock Milanovich up for GM .... don't cha know? :roll:


So now that Milano is is gone...this thread is done.

House now cleaned.

The future looks just as plan going forward.

Argonauts est.1873

What Lenny said!  Nice timing for all of this. I'd be calling Blake Nil at UBC who's a very successful CIS coach and screw rehashing guys over and over again. Nice dragging of feet by Copeland and timing with this Milanovich news. Copeland should have just cut his arse loose with Barker in Nov. Now they have to scramble big time. Copeland get off your couch and do something you useless TOOL!


Tom Clements name has been mentioned on the Double Blue Forum as the possible President/GM for the Argos. Whoever it is he may have to add Head Coach to that title.


What a disgrace.


Milanovich finally toast, a horrible HC, stubborn and a poor evaluator of talent.
Letting Collaros and Harris go in favour of an aging over the hill QB will set the team back for years.

Hail Mary

With this latest development, am wondering if a major announcement from the front office could come as early as Tuesday morning next week, introducing the new GM. Perhaps he already has a hand-picked HC in mind, thus Milanovich's sudden pink slip after someone in the organization intimated he was at least safe through 2017, and subject to rehire based upon the new GM's evaluation of the team's progress or lack thereof. A fresh start is a good thing, but if the perception in the locker room is that people within the organization are talking out of both sides of their mouths that doesn't bode well for the trust factor. Like to see the winningest team in Grey Cup history turn it around, but am concerned that their chances could be derailed if soap opera antics take root and impede the process. Say what we mean, mean what we say. Trust and confidence in the higher ups matter.

Argonauts est.1873

Milanovich wasn't fired, he left. Now because of Copeland's butt dragging we're behind the 8 ball here in trying to find a great GM and coach along with suitable assistant coaches. Gong Show.

Blake Nil for coach.

Liquor Kitty

The house has been cleaned ... but too late.

Argonauts est.1873

The house has been cleaned but there are plenty of stains that have tarnished the joint. Copeland left a bowl blaster that hasn't yet been flushed just like Trump soiling the White House.


Je n'arrive pas à comprendre ce qui arrive aux Argonauts. Ils ont beaucoup trop tardé à montrer le chemin de la porte à Barker, à mon avis.  Ils auraient dû le faire dès la fin de la saison.  Je suppose que les clauses contractuelles ont fait qu'il leur coûtait moins cher de le faire après le début de la saison, mais d'avoir attendu aussi longtemps va causer beaucoup de tort à une équipe déjà pas mal amochée.

Je crois qu'à la limite, Marcus Brady pourrait être un bon entraîneur-chef par intérim.  Mais à 2 semaines de l'ouverture du marché des joueurs autonomes, un repêchage qui s'en vient et un sérieux remaniement dans le personnel d'entraîneurs et chez les joueurs (il y a eu une purge cet automne), même avec Tommy Condell dans les parages, je ne vois pas comment les Argonauts pourront réussir à redresser une descente qui s'est avérée une catastrophe en 2016.  

Je n'ai jamais compris pourquoi Barker n'a pas fait ce qu'il fallait pour garder Trevor Harris, ni pourquoi il a prolongé le contrat de Ricky Ray.  Je ne comprends pas plus pourquoi il a misé sur Drew Willy qui avait une bonne équipe à diriger à Winnipeg et qui a échoué à cette mission, alors que Matt Nichols a réussi à faire de cette même équipe une formation très respectable.  Manifestement, Willy n'est pas un quart-arrière partant.
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Argonauts est.1873

Drew Willy Le Blows.

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