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Wow! That's all I can say.

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It's close to half a day now since this report first surfaced and I'm very surprised to see it hasn't previously been brought up in this forum.

It's Old News.

(Didn't want to start a new thread, and not being sure where to put this post, I decided on here because, in my mind, there's a tie-in.)

Does this say anything, to anybody else?  i.e. - Disorganized organizational chart?  Glorified, unreal job titles?  Decided upon management changes are coming?

Sorry I don't know how to provide, here, a direct link to a video on this site, but I'm referring to Coach Jones' response to a question, about his future with the club, posed to him @ the 2:09 mark of the video, available on the main page, titled "Media Availability: June Jones (Oct. 24th)."  He talks about a meeting, between him and a named another person, to be held on the subject.  Shouldn't the other person be the General Manager?  Or, if for some reason not, the guy whose only duties now, by title, are as VP Football Operations? :-\


Yes, ottawacat, that's an interesting point--you would indeed expect that the discussion of the head coach's contract would be with the GM or VP, not with the team president. 

Whether that means the management structure is top heavy, or something else, is for Bob Young to say, I guess. 

Maybe it will be only one of several conversations.

Wouldn't Mitchell be neglecting his duties if he never spoke to anyone in the organization other than Austin and Young?  (And the marketing staff or whatever)

Anyone who has worked in an organization knows you don't refuse to talk to your boss's boss.  And you can expect people to communicate with others outside the strict confines of the org chart.  It does not mean that the whole structure has gone to hell.


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