I am NOT going to be optimistic about this beginning. I AM NOT!


I like Quinn's running but why did WE sign him?  Shouldn't he be an Eskimo?  ;)
I thought his last name was Smith - as in Quinn Smith but I see Quinn on the jersey ???  Matters not - he sure doesn't give up easily and made a defender or 2 miss on that return even if he didn't gain as many yards.  
UGH taking a time out halfway through the first??  Does Jones forget that he only gets 2 in a game?

Regardless they're moving the ball and gaining yards against a vaunted BB defense.  


sure good to see the Cats finally have installed  the running game in our attack now. And they are impressive while doing it.


ok that was a dumb play
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I am NOT going to be optimistic about this beginning. I AM NOT!
I hear you Mark - I feel the same way.  Glad that they've found a ways to get off to a faster start but last week is still too fresh in our memories.  Still a LONG way to go.


Damn ZEBRES blown admitted call last week and they can't give us 2" inches for a first down a favourable spot what a shit show


Silly way to end a drive, but nice drive nonetheless.  


An INCH to go and they pass??????????


3 more points, Castillo is money!

Thanks to @Doc_Dave for sig


Brain fart.  2nd and inches and a pass for a loss...holy crap


Just stick to what works June no need for tricks on 2nd and inches. Good thing though is 2 possessions and 2 scores.


Ughhhh.  Offence looks great, but made some ugly mistakes on that drive.  Burning a timeout, throwing the ball backwards on 2nd and inches.  Gross.


Yup gaining a yard should be pretty much automatic!  Still came away with some points.  

Let's see if they can stop the BBs again


Didn't they learn from last week? Just get the first down, keep winnepegs offence off 
The field, wear down their defence!k

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