So now we have Johnny, Kappy and RG3 on our neg list!

Ticats add Kaepernick, RGIII to neg. list ... t-1.701451

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats added two prominent names to their negotiation list on Monday, quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III.
Both QBs are currently free agents, after Kaepernick opted out of his deal with the San Francisco 49ers this off-season and Griffin was released by the Cleveland Browns.
Kaepernick and Griffin have each experienced tremendous success in the NFL in the past, but at this stage are now likely looking to sign with an NFL team in a backup role.
Kaepernick's best years came when he was playing under current University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. He helped lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl in the 2012 season.
The 29-year-old, who has 12,271 career passing yards and another 2,300 rushing yards in six NFL seasons, stirred up controversy last season when he kneeled for the American national anthem.
Injuries have derailed Griffin's career after an impressive rookie season that saw him gain more than 4,000 combined yards and 27 touchdowns. After three seasons with Washington, who traded up to draft him second overall in 2012, Grifin played for the Browns last season.

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Collaros broken or what ? Or is Tillman running interference ?
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waiting for vince young to have a good year then we have massive trade bait.


I was hoping the Cats would sign Vince Faragamo after his stellar performance in Montreal!


Yes to RG3, no to Kap and Manziel


To me these are just simple potential asset acquisition moves that have no cost. I don't see the move as any commentary or decision regarding Collaros.

Costs you nothing to add to your list except for printing his name on a piece of paper & faxing to the league.
You have 45 spots on that list right now. (35 in season). I doubt it's knocking anyone else of significance off of it.
If the player expresses interest to try the NFL, you have their rights.
If another CFL team is interested, they have to trade with you for their rights.

To me it's like getting a free roll of the dice or a free play on a lottery ticket or slot machine. You can take it or sell it to someone else. It's free ... why not?

I sincerely doubt that Collaros or any other player would be offended or concerned about names added to the negotiation list. The probability of anything coming of it is so low. By the way ... Jacory Harris as well as Everett Golston were Neg List guys ... Don't think Zach fretted about them. I'd even bet that Zach was an Argos neg lister back in the day.


exactly if it works, free picks for us. if it doesn't,  it cost us nothing so why not


Quote from: "ticats28"
exactly if it works, free picks for us. if it doesn't,  it cost us nothing so why not

Why not?  'Cos what other team would want a mediocre QB with attitude like Kaepernick? Or RG3 who unfortunately has an injury problem. And Manziel is a joke.
This kind of thing makes the CFL looks desperate.


Quote from: "ticats28"
exactly if it works, free picks for us. if it doesn't,  it cost us nothing so why not

It's a good move,   the Ticats beat other teams to add them to the neg.  list.    They now have trade bait for teams like Sask or Montreal or the Argos,  who may want the big names on their rosters.
Or Kaepernick steps up and they trade Zach.


For chrissakes I thought the neg list was supposed to be "private". So Dunk gets some inside info and all of a sudden it seems like a big story that gets reported in the Spectator. Some fans (the stupid ones) are wandering around town "thinking" the 'Cats want to get rid of Collaros and that Kaepernick and/or RG3 might be on their way to the Hammer. :roll: This whole thing is much ado about nothing except for some former "big name" ex-NFL quarterbacks who will probably never even play in the CFL.


Some cheap publicity for The Cats. Nothing more. And the fact that neg lists are "private" (sort of) is very backwards thinking.
Everyone but the fans know who owns who's rights.


Quote from: "mr62cats"
Why not?  'Cos what other team would want a mediocre QB with attitude like Kaepernick?

What "attitude" are you talking about?


LOL !!! well it's got the tongues a waggin' over in Riderville  :lol: Yup , 6 pages and counting from the Kool - Aid gang that worship at the altar of Jonestown.  :lol: ... o-neg-list


neg lists are public knowledge now ? W T F


Quote from: "EE17"
neg lists are public knowledge now ? W T F

No. They are not public knowledge in a formal way. Info seems to get out from some clubs to some reporters who then ... report it. But nothing official from the league or clubs specifically. We get a few of the bigger names amongst a list of 45 (35 in season). Also, remember, they are very fluid. Just because it gets reported that ABC is on Team XYZ's list on Monday, doesn't mean they'll be there Wednesday.

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