The Argos have fans??????


 In parting what I want to add is put Banks back on kick returns.  The kicking team is the worst aspect of the program.  It's unwatchably bad.  Something has to change there.  
I agree our special teams are not vey good particularly the return team. But I don't think putting Banks in there is going to make any real difference. the blocking is terrible. Based on the times Banks has been used there this year all I can say is at least Williams runs forwards.

of course

Banks is our best/most targeted receiver.  Keep him at receiver full-time, IMO.

Our KR's can break one, they just need better blocking.  I'm sure that will be an area of focus going forward.


8)  I agree fully !!!!  No team or their fans are as obnoxious as the Riders !!    

     Can't stand their fans or their players at all.  Most of their fans are like from the movie,

     "Dueling Banjos" .  Burt Reynolds would be proud of those life losers !!!    :-[ :-\

      I would cheer for the Argos any day over Regina !!  No way in hell are Argo fans as obnoxious
      as those loser green fans !!
I think we see a misrepresentation of the fans based on the TSN camera work.  The impression from watching the game is that the fan base is a bunch of screaming young giddy girls who are more interested in waving their beer glasses at the camera than they are in watching the game.  Or a bunch of soused fans lined up behind a row of Coor Light cans (carefully crafted product placement??), usually in the company of a couple of the cute screamers.

I don't imagine this is the true fan base of the Riders.  I don't see them as being the fans who commute 3-4 hours each way to a game or who pump money into the community fund-raisers to keep their team afloat.  I think it is more TSN's way of trying to sell the game to the "next generation."


Banks is our best/most targeted receiver.  Keep him at receiver full-time, IMO.

Our KR's can break one, they just need better blocking.  I'm sure that will be an area of focus going forward.
I thought Tasker was the most targeted receiver, almost to the point where the other team knows Masoli's going to him on second down....  I don't know who you put back there returning kicks but what is clear is the guys they got there now are not even close to capable.  No threat at all.  The blocking isn't the greatest but the returners neither have the moves nor the speed to create some space.  I don't know how hard it is to find a dangerous return man but imo they need to go shopping for one; that's for dang sure.
Oskee Wa Wa!  Go Cats!


Under the assumption we are not going to be in a dog fight for the last playoff spot. I don't mind a slower start with a strong finish going into the playoffs on a roll so not terribly worried yet. Sask made two great catches on tough long passes and we dropped a couple tough long balls - that's football and how JJ rolls and those plays could have made a difference either way. 

Evil Doctor

Now that I've had a day to digest this, a few observations...

I can't help but wonder if the short week had an impact.  The Riders had a shorter week, but they didn't have to travel, giving them an advantage.  We'll get a better sense of it when the Cats play at home with an extra week's rest.

Hamilton was also a victim of some plain bad luck.  Masoli gets the ball knocked out of his hand and it flies straight into Charleston Hughes who gets a TD.  When it happens to Bridge, the ball goes to a Roughrider...

Also if Banks toes were just two inches lower, we're having a different discussion,  because the Cats would be kicking a game field with thirteen seconds left...


A note to Jumal Rolle:
Unless a pass just happens to hit you in the back, you cannot deflect, knock down, or intercept it without looking for it. :-\  Love how close your downfield coverage is, though.

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