Okay. I have this weird idea that the people really wanting Manziel tend to be younger. I'd like to test this theory...by "Mark"...  Vote away!Pick the response below that fits.

Under 26 and want Manziel
1 (1.4%)
Between 26- 45  and want Manziel
11 (15.7%)
Between 46-65 and want Manziel
18 (25.7%)
Over  65 and want Manziel
9 (12.9%)
Under 26 and don't want Manziel
2 (2.9%)
Between 26- 45  and don't want Manziel
6 (8.6%)
Between 46-65 and don't want Manziel
19 (27.1%)
Over  65 and don't want Manziel
4 (5.7%)

Total Members Voted: 70


Deadline Sunday the ten day window was extended past Tues this week read here:

"Multiple CFL teams interested "


My bet Drake Buddy I'm an Argoooo!
13 th man @ THF


And 3downnation


Ticats granted extension as multiple teams express interest in Manziel
Posted on September 14, 2017 by 3Down Staff // 0 Comments

The Johnny Manziel saga has taken an unusual twist with multiple CFL teams interested in securing exclusive negotiating rights to the former Heisman Trophy winner.
According to a source, Manziel’s representatives told the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sept. 2 they wanted a contract offer from the CFL club. Manziel has been on the Ticats’ 45-man negotiation list since his college days at Texas A&M.
So in accordance with CFL rules, the Ticats then had 10 days – until last Tuesday to be exact – to make a contract offer, trade Manziel’s CFL rights or simply stand pat, which would’ve resulted in Manziel automatically coming off Hamilton’s list. But the source said the situation has been complicated by the fact multiple teams have expressed interest in acquiring Manziel’s rights.

Herb Zurkowsky @HerbZurkowsky1
#AlsMTL are one of three CFL teams who have made trade offers for the rights to QB Johnny Manziel, who's on Hamilton's negotiation list.

5:27 PM - Sep 14, 2017

That prompted a request for an extension until Sunday, which was granted. The CFL wasn’t immediately available for comment but a second source said one reason for the extension was to put in place a process for Manziel and future players who’ve faced allegations of violence against women in the past.

The league has said Manziel would have to undergo an assessment with a domestic violence prevention official and meet with commissioner Randy Ambrosie, who’d then decide whether to approve the contract. In January 2016, Manziel was charged after being accused of hitting and threatening a former girlfriend before reaching an agreement with prosecutors to dismiss the case.
Erik Burkhardt, Manziel’s agent, didn’t immediately return telephone and email messages Thursday. Also, the Ticats didn’t make Kent Austin, their vice-president of football operations, available to discuss the Manziel situation.

More here

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Oh Ya! The nightlife in Montreal would be perfect for a guy like Johnny!  ::)


Desperate teams and multiple teams interested.
WOW the asking price just went up. WHOOP WHOOP


Desperate teams and multiple teams interested.
WOW the asking price just went up. WHOOP WHOOP
Assuming he gets the approval from the league's psychologists and commissioner. If not, there's no deal possible.


I really think they need to take a pass on this guy.  Timing is bad and it would detract from this I guess you could call it playoff run?  I don't think they need to publicity or the baggage that goes with this one.  How long do you think he is going to last living in Hamilton half the year unless he is the next Guillermo Del Toro.


At the very least Austin should get something in return of value if he dosn't screw up the deal. I am not sure Manziel would be the answer in the Hammer. In any event letting another team take the risk and coughing up one or two players of value sounds good. Austin was unavailable for comment today could indicate there could be a big trade on the horizon. Zack gets traded and Johnny signs in the Hammer. One thing I hope Austin and Tillman get great value for any trade .


Hows about we trade the little jackass to the Alouettes for David Green and Keith Baker . 8) ;D


I have no faith in Austin and Tilman after giving away Chick for a 2knd round pick , releasing their best defensive player in Will Hill, Releasing a good receiver in Tyms, and releasing Peter Dyakowski a player that has alot of experience and could mentor the current olineman and maybe start like he is in saskatchewan . They have also allowed Figueroa and Lewis to walk and traded simmons all three are starting on other teams and we had rookie tackles until edmonton cut washington. 

i really hope i am wrong about this ...but right now it seems there are 3 teams anxious to get a qb
and one has been confirmed as montreal ..the other two are either ottawa , bc, sask , argos

I would trade Collaros and sign Manziel and have him learn the game this year as a backup for a big part of the year......the reason is that june jones prefers masoli to collaros anyway and jones will be hear for a while and collaros salary becomes guaranteed for the rest of the year soon..

if the ticats decide to trade manziel's rights , they better get more than a 2knd round draft pick
if they trade with mtl i'd like to see chip cox or hebert come back in return to play sam linebacker for us...our defence would improve immediately .....

i think tillman and jones are foaming at the mouth at the thought of getting manziel based interview comments they have about him

If they don't sign Manziel it will  be because Austin  flexed is muscles and over ruled both ....as Austin loves Collaros 

of course

It sure sounds like the Ticats are working on a trade to deal Manziel's rights by this Sunday.

I believe that the three CFL teams interested in trading for Manziel's rights are Montreal, Toronto and Saskatchewan.

I can't see us trading Manziel to an Eastern club, although with Montreal being a complete joke right now, Tillman/Austin could probably fleece Kavis Reed good in a trade.

The Riders are in town right now.  Great window for Chris Jones to discuss business over some dinner with Ticat management.  I say it's 80% likely we do a deal with Saskatchewan.

Given the obvious demand for Manziel's rights, in a trade, I believe those rights are worth a first round draft pick, and a Canadian starter, minimum. 


As mycko75 pointed out earlier, trading a player's rights is probably not going to bring a big return.  So maybe a solid second round pick wouldn't be a bad pick up.  Sign him, then trade him?  Maybe that's a better bargaining chip?


Please not another 2knd round pick for a star player
The Ticats draft so poorly they usually only draft players they think will be good for special teams
like mcgeough who is way to small to ever start at DE and other special teamers in the past like beau landry , plesius etc..

We need a good quality starting canadian if we trade manziel ..like receiver Nic Demski who could be a good national receiver for us for years as we know fantuz gets injured alot and doesn't have mnay years left anyhow......i know demski is currently on sask 6 game injury list but he is a ratio buster in that he can play as good as an import much like Fantuz 


If I had my druthers, I'd trade his rights for either some quality Nationals, O-linemen, or receivers.  I'm still of the opinion that if we can get Zach on track, we are sitting pretty good at QB.  Manziel might bring more problems than he is worth.

But, as O'Billovich taught us "Better is better", and June Jones has a reputation as a QB guru.

Green Riders trade ??, Saskatchewan In October and November  he would find out what the CFL Is all about


Oh Ya! The nightlife in Montreal would be perfect for a guy like Johnny!  ::)
LMFAO !!!! Yup , I can just see the post game pressers now . ;D

So Johnny what happened today that led to yet another loss by your team ?

Coming soon to a theatre near you somewhere in Canada (hopefully NEVER to be shown in Hamilton)
starring Johnny "Jackass" Moronziel as himself !!!


Hows about we trade the little jackass to the Alouettes for David Green and Keith Baker . 8) ;D

8) bobo,  that trade certainly worked out well for the TiCats    :)

    Not so well for the Al's though    ;)

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