As I said before, the day Manziel pulls on a TiCat Jersey is the day I fully support him!

Welcome to the team!

That is a class statement Grover!


I am completely disappointed in the Tiger-Cats, but as already said, this is our reality now so might as well embrace it.
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I don't like it, but this is our reality now ... Let's pray this works out ...
Sums it up, pretty much. My greatest concern is the opportunity cost. If he'll be gone in two years, he'll need to pay off in a huge way during that two years for this to have been a good decision for the team. Very few new-to-the-CFL QBs have made a big splash their first year; if Manziel finds himself on the field at some point this year, let's hope he's one of the exceptions.


Glad he's here.  Now let's see what he can or can't do. 

I for one am hoping he's every bit as good as the Ti-Cats organization has been touting. 

I suspect the Ti-Cats may be selling thousands of tickets this week.


Let the gong show begin!


I wonder how Masoli feels right now. I hope coach Jones makes Johnny earn his way & doesn't just give him the starting QB's job. Hope Johnny doesn't cause problems in the locker room - we need all the players to be in sync & happy to be Ti-cats.
Masoli probably feels the same way that Manziel feels, "i'm gonna leave this chump in the dust" 

He's a starting quarterback....  they're kinda known for being self confident.  If he feels any other way ship him out now. 

(we should really worry about how half of the forum feels about having to learn how to properly type "Masoli" and "Manziel"  as "JM" ain't gonna cut it anymore... lol)
Extraordinary claims require extraodinary proofs


This forum is gonna be fun to read today ...
Ain't that the truth!    :)

I'm glad he's here. Was never a Johnny hater - but also not willing to annoint him our saviour.  Most excited he is here because of the words about him by Austin, Jones and others in the Cats organization.

If they are anywhere near right - this should be fun!


Just worried about one thing: Legal Sweetleaf  and Johnny  
Well we can have him drug tested once a month as part of his contract?!


I am willing to let his on-field play speak to whether or not he deserves to be here.


What the hell is everybody worried about it’s his Last Chance @ redemption the Ticats can cut him anytime if it doesn’t work out ! Business wise a great move !$$$

of course

You can never have enough talent, depth or competition at the QB position.  This signing makes the Ticats better.

the media tsunami has begun.  Check out the big name media outlets (like Bleacher Report and TMZ)who have already announced Manziel's signing with Hamilton:


  Any press conference announced?



Mr. Pike

TSN is reporting Johnny is in Hamilton today and presently is undergoing a physical .   


Johnny and legalized weed are coming to the Hammer almost together wonder if they collide. You'll be able to order out just like pizza. :D ;)  

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