while we're at it.......

┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•)  BLM is a garbage penalty away
┳┻|⊂ノ   from being 0-4 in GC games

Extraordinary claims require extraodinary proofs


As a life long Cat fan...
I truly hate the Argo’s..
I have to say I hate the ‘arrogance’ of the Stampeders more.
Congrats to the guys in blue on a great victory.
It definately turned into a great game and was symbolic of why I love this league, but man I want us to win.

When we do it will be sweet, but at this point it will cause diabetes.
I don't even mind the arrogance of going for a TD....  but holy crap that wasn't the play to call.  

Throwing into double coverage, (throwing up a duck while you're at it...) at least put it where only your guy can get it.
Actually, by most coaching standards that was the right call.  Toss a long one, hopefully score & if not, next play you run it into the middle & set up the kick.  The issue isn't with the call, it was (as you called it) a bad throw. Unfortunately it came at the worst time possible.....guess they'll learn from it.
ya, as i was typing i realized i was more upset by the read/execution of the play.  


After raking Maas over the coals last week did TSN turn microscope on DD and BLM ? Nope.  Its nice to have friends aint it?


Mcdaniel throws team mate under bus. What a d*****. The problem with CAL right there. Too many individuals with a coach to match


Greed and cockiness gets you ......... oops, no Grey Cip ring 2 years running


And I thought the Stamps were supposed to be the team with the horseshoes :)


me  to  I feel the same. Didn’t want either team to win, but  I wanted Stamps to lose more
Oskee Wee Wee


We now go to a live shot of downtown Toronto where  Argos fever is on full display

Thanks to @Doc_Dave for sig


What fanbase Argos have is a 905 thing. Has been for a long time.


We now go to a live shot of downtown Toronto where  Argos fever is on full display

Wow Grover!  How old is that picture?  Sears across the street from Canon Theatre.  I know you are trying to make a point about Toronto fans and their support but hey the Argos won, we didn't, no need to be sour!  Actually if you take a good look at our Board and some of the posts you'll see much negative talk towards Cats that makes me shake my head.  Before bashing, look in the mirror.  Let's take care of our house first then we can bash.

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