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Seems this whole deal is between the City and the CFL,
No mention of the TiCats involvement.  :o
Why should there be?  The CFHoF is NOT the CFL HoF, nor is it the HTC HoF.  The City owns the stadium, and it's their call.
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Velox Versutus Vigilans

R.I.P. Cpl Nathan Cirillo Albainn Gu Brath


A Big congratulations to TiCat and Hamilton native Frank Cosentino who was inducted into the CFHoF tonight!!

Congratulations to Frank, It's Long overdue.
His List of accomplishments as  a Player, Coach, Athletic Director and Author. Is Impressive.
You won't find a Bigger Booster for our CFL.
Also at the University level.


Well said VJOS!
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


Question?! Is the famous statue location going to be out in front as you walk in on cannon st Scott park side ?!
13 th man @ THF

of course

I read that the statue is going somewhere near the west side entry to the stadium...not south, at the Pioneer Energy zone (main entrance off Cannon).


I read that the statue is going somewhere near the west side entry to the stadium...not south, at the Pioneer Energy zone (main entrance off Cannon).
Man it would really stand out at the main entrance at the pioneer energy zone ! We need also a statue of Ron Lancaster the little General !
A legend true and true !!!


I read that the statue is going somewhere near the west side entry to the stadium...not south, at the Pioneer Energy zone (main entrance off Cannon).
Brilliant  ::) . It's like putting a nice statue in the backyard of your house where no one will see it instead of the front yard where everyone will see it . Talk about being ass backwards .  ???
Oh well , I guess the smokers can use it at half time as an ash tray for their butts .  :o


  Just seems kind of odd Weds evenings and Saturday mornings and 15 minutes following the end of the game .  

  Sounds like a punch line to a joke about how often do you do it .
Agreed. Things keep
Going from bad to worse for the HOF. 

Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings? 

A sure fire way to diminish the HOF standing even more. 

Where does it go from here?will we be moving everything into a storage locker or someone’s basement? Only open every second Sunday of each month? 



Just wondering why the ongong litigation about THF  has not allowed for the Ticats to host a Grey Cup or CFL Week. Why doesn't delay the CFHOF as well?

oo DAWG oo

Why just hamilton tho...Hamilton pretty much failed as being the home to the HOF.
I think every stadium should have a part of the HOF integrated ...football history from their province. 
If your going to limit it at least spread it around it might actually be seen more


Interesting idea dawg for sure.


The sad part about taking in any Hall of Fame is that once you've seen it you probably won't go back.  And that goes for the NHL, the NFL, and even the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.


I used to go once a year to the Hall. I would take my two then-young nephews for an outing, and buy a few souvenirs/collectibles in the little shop. It was evident that there was no money behind this operation. The main display area was terribly lit -- you could barely see what was in some of the small number of display cases. The one "interactive" display (try a field goal) was terrible and barely worked. The busts themselves were slipshod -- a bunch of different sizes, some looked nothing like the player, and the write-ups were inconsistent in style and often riddled with factual and/or spelling errors.

It's no wonder that the last full year of operations had something like six visitors per day, on average. Until and unless the Hall gets some serious funding to create a space large enough to properly showcase a good selection of memorabilia and historical artifacts, it will only be worth opening twice a week (if that). The league and the Hall should be trying like crazy to get a corporate benefactor to write a big cheque every year.


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