Lyle B. Style

Questionable play call on 2nd and inches costs Hamilton a possible  continuation of the drive
They got fat 'n sassy cuz the bombers came out fat, sassy and ready to be slit.

Wonder if O'Shea is nervous putting Medlock out for field goals tonite - something not right with Medlock (timing?)

Lyle B. Style

Area51 (Foley's brother) prolly jumpin' with joy as Matt Nichols exhibiting some obvious 'scrub' traits!

Lyle B. Style

Have to say that most CFL FG kickers have surpassed $200k man Justin Medlock this season. Medlock has the lowest percentage of any FG kickers (other than temps & fatties).

Sergio Castillo administering a field goal kicking clinic of recent - while Medlock appears terrified trying anything over 46 yds.

Its always something!

btw Winnipeg had Sergio in their mitts a couple yrs back but he wasn't quite the accuracy machine he is now - but he certainly had a more powerful leg than Medlock (who's tight as hen's teeth from beyond 47)

Wpg also had Rene Parades (best kicker in league immo) and Liram Hiralahu but let both guys clear.


I'm expecting more from the Winnipeg D.  Is the Cat's more balanced attack throwing them off?  It is me!


However, Bombers are not going to lose at home.

That settles it then. Cats win and stay alive in the East.

Lyle B. Style

I'm expecting more from the Winnipeg D.  Is the Cat's more balanced attack throwing them off?  It is me!
No, its not you. This represents a typical 1st half performance by the Bomber D. Almost appears they don't do any game prep for individual opponents and then try to cram multiple adjustments in the compressed 15 minute half-time window.

Bomber o-line getting themselves (and their QB) mauled by Ticats d-7. Doesn't look good how Bryant is getting ravaged on the blind side!

Lyle B. Style

Despite Winnipeg's 10-3 record pitted up to Hamilton's 3-10 record I'd say the teams are pretty equal personnel wise. Obviously Austin & Reinbold were running on autistic fumes before they were both driven to the edge of town.

GI Jones is a superior team guy to Austin's "I'm Me" philosophy. Plus, they've added some quality NFL cuts, got Cookie Monster Laurent back and have a QB who can make plays and isn't afraid to run.

With Laurent - I'd say the Ticats have more force on their oline. Surprised Wpg o-line is showing weakness with missed blocks and holding calls.


Ticats keep shooting themselves and n the foot with stupid delay of game penalties at the worst possible times

Lyle B. Style

Sergio - you may have a stronger leg than Medlock but you should take a lesson from old CFL fairies like Troy Westwood & Paul McCallum - you don't even make a sniff to try to stop runners off missed FGs. That's stupid. McCallum used to trot off the field - or make himself invisible (bury his head to the turf) and Westwood would just position himself to have a running to the endzone contest with the returner (he actually won a few) or Troy would try to match speed with the fastest zebra going down the sidelines - but he'd rarely get into the dreaded contact zone. Sergio - get smart kid!

Lyle B. Style

Ticats keep shooting themselves and n the foot with stupid delay of game penalties at the worst possible times
Still not a polished outfit. Lots of power and speed but it remains to be harnessed


But winning in this affair.  Very interesting game, love how Jones is using Speedy B at the wideout position.
"Canadian football does in fact have 4 downs, its just that as Canadians we are very polite and punt on the third down" -John Candy, SCTV


Hamilton is just playing harder than Winnipeg, they are going to win this if they keep it up.


Hamilton is just playing harder than Winnipeg, they are going to win this if they keep it up.
Yup, Cats just playing a better game....thus far.


yes, but remember what happened last week. Hamilton was clearly the better team,  it still lost. Hamilton is much better than they were early in the season, but they have to get better at closing.

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