That makes sense

I score a TD I kickoff too you
I score a field goal....I kick off to you

That must have been the same for a safety


I seem to remember that the team that gave up the safety just got the ball back on the 20 or 25, similar to a rouge. They may have just changed the rule to be similar to the existing field goal rule. Still doesn't explain why that third option is there.

Wish I could remember. Now where did I put my way back machine?


It makes sense to me if you consider that the 3rd option was at one time the only option.

It could have been that anytime I score on you...TD  FG  Safety, I kickoff to you

But like you said, if you are up by 6 points  2-3 minutes left. I run back into my endzone, give up 2 but I get the ball back...I et a first down or 2 taking time off the clock, but on 3rd down...I run back into the endzone again.....and get the ball back again....

They prob changed the rule saying if you score the safety, you get the ball which will end that practise....They prob just left the 3rd option there


The options after a score harken back to the common origins of all codes of football including soccer and rugby. In the beginning, kicking off meant possessing the ball as it does in soccer. To a lesser extent the same is true in versions of rugby whereby a kicking team can dictate what part of the field the continuous, non-forward pass, non-down and distance play will take place if not win possession immediately in the same manner a gridiron team would with an onside kick. 

As Canadian football adopted the down and distance system of scrimmage, the kickoff was relegated from a play that dictated field position with a decent chance to retain possession for the kicking team to one where possession was likely to be lost. This is why the option to kick or receive by the team scored against was introduced. American football made the switch where teams scored upon receive where the old option still exists in versions of Canadian football albeit rarely used.

I'm not sure when and where the option to scrimmage from the 35 after a field goal came about but I'm sure there are good justifications for it as well. 

The safety touch is a bit of an aberration because it is a score made by a team which was not in possession of the ball. So the team scoring has the options. 

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