The challenging for illegal contact has to go IMO.  Some of those calls that the Control Centre called were receivers - usually nowhere near where the ball is going - running directly at and into a defender.
Better yet, call it the way it's written in the rule book.

Article 8 – Interference Before A Pass Is Thrown
Prior to a forward pass being thrown, a Team B player may:
  (b) Beyond the five yard zone from the line of scrimmage, use his hands to shed contact initiated by the Team A receiver.
100% CFO.  Some of the contact challenges were painful and clearly designed.  There were a few coaches who had them in their playbooks.  Was really ruining the game.  At least now, if you want to go fishing you only get one cast.

CFL Pete

Hate the coach's challenge.  One challenge per game now.  Suppose there's an interference call in the first quarter.  Coach throws the flag and wins the challenge.  That's it.  If there's a blown call in the waning moments, the coach has already thrown his flag.  It's dumb.  The coaches jump on the first mistake the officials make as if actually believing there won't be any more after that.  The coaches need to use a little more discretion in the challenges.  There is also respect for the officials that is a key part of the game's integrity.  Everyone knows the calls even out over time.  Double interference, anyone?

Try this one: 

Twenty seconds left in the game, ball on the forty five going in, offence trailing by four.  Quarterback skips a pass off the turf to his receiver, who traps it and proceeds to run.  The clock continues to run as the play continues towards the goal line.  Several laterals later, the ball is in the end zone, the time has run out, and the offensive team has won.  Defensive team challenges trapped catch and wins challenge.  Game over.  Eighteen seconds of time ran off the clock after the blown call, time the offensive team needed to try another play.  The time of the blown call was eighteen seconds left.  After all the lateralling the time ran out.  The blown call costs the offensive team the game.  The command centre agrees the play should have been whistled dead with eighteen seconds left.

This scenario happened in an Ottawa game last year, just before the half. 

The time should go back on the clock to the time of the ref's mistake, but it doesn't.  This needs to be addressed. 


  Lets just remove fishing for penalties .  One challenge a game .

   If the players is hit or injured on the field the CFL should automatically look at it to see what happened  while there is a delay and correct any call with oversight from a command centre if it's required . The players would like to know they are being protected as well .

  You can challenge a penalty called .

  All the other challenges  seem to keep the game's integrity intact .

   I am good with one challenge until the CFL creates a quality control for the refs 
that is seamless and can communicate with the refs that there is a disparity that needs to be addressed and reviewed by the eye in the sky to verify the ruling on the field .

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