I worked for a marketing company years ago that actually gave tickets to kids (high school ) for Junior hockey .

 It never worked and it actually ended up having less kids come in the playoffs when those same kids would buy tickets .

 Don't devalue your product  .

  Let the companies /corporations buy at cheap and give them away with promotions like they did before it's a better marketing tool . It's the impression of how the tickets were obtained and that somebody purchased them that makes a difference .
That impression or perspective is actually a known quantity that can be tabulated and formulated to see if there is any change or value to the promotion . Plus it doesn't hurt the ticket buyer as much as those promo tickets are usually away from the regular season ticket holders .

totally.  I have always felt that giveaways like this are bad.  There are some exceptions to it, but as a rule of thumb I agree.  There are definitely people who will say they are not buying and will wait until the freebies come around.

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I would like to see BC Place reconfigured for football, but I don't think it's likely to happen. I would love to see one end zone tarped off and seats between the 30s opened up on one side of the upper bowl. But it would necessitate opening concessions and putting staff up there and I don't think the folks at BC Place are too anxious to do it.

There is too big of an inventory of end-zone seats at BC Place, far more than any stadium in the league. The club drew more fans when the upper bowl was open, but the optics didn't look great on TV for the last couple of years they did it.


The Stampeders are getting a little more aggressive this year. by adding snacks to the price of an endzone ticket. 


Iconic SR

They have no choice but to try anything to fill the place. That building needs replacement, the league has called the Stamps and Calgary out on it, they’re not selling it out despite having a strong team, and any argument for public funds towards any new stadium won’t go anywhere - if the current place is half empty.

They need all the help they can get because the fans of that 1 million plus city just don’t seem to care all that much. That being said - this promo offer of season tix and a beer and snack for $28/game is great value.


Those kinds of prices are pretty irresistible for me. I might have to fly in for a weekend game.


The issue with Lions attendance IMO is a big lack of advertising.  I live in Vancouver, and rarely ever see anything to do with the Lions around the city.  A lot of people need things put into their awareness to think of doing it.

This is a Braley trait...  he doesn't like spending much on advertising for some reason.

I see a lot more White Caps ads around than Lions.


Not really on topic but I miss the cheap seats at old ivor Wynne stadium :(
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Not really on topic but I miss the cheap seats at old ivor Wynne stadium :(
In 94 I had 2x $99 season tickets in section 14 in the end zone.  Pretty good seats actually.  It was no Box I, but still pretty damn good for the price.

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